Friday, June 09, 2006

Sangeetha sappadu

After an enjoyable morning ride to my office along the surprisingly empty roads, Windows Media Player brought this song from the database.

Raja and Janaki, what a deadly combination they are...

Putham Pudhu Kalai

puththam puthu kaalai ponniRa veLai
en vaazhvilE thinanthoRum thonRum
sukaraakam ketkum ennaaLum aanantham (puththam)
(There's a bit here which also features in "Do anything " of How To Name it)

poovil thonRum vaasam athuthaan raakamo
iLam poovai nenjil thonRum athuthaan thaaLamo
manathin aasaikaL malarin kolangkaL
kuyilOsaiyin paripaashaikaL athikaalaiyin varaveRpukaL (puththam)

vaanil thonRum kolam athu yaar pottatho
pani vaadai veesum kaatRin sukam yaar thanthatho
vayathil thonRidum ninaivil aanantham
vaLarnthaaduthu isaipaaduthu vazhinthoduthu suvaikooduthu (puththam)

Just like Pavlov's dog, this song reminds me of the multicuisine restaurant "Khaana Ghaana" located in Chamiers road off Nadanam signal. A place where you can get food for your ears also.


After 8 pm on all days, there's a pair that sings Ilayaraja's classics of the yesteryears along with some latest melodies and some Hindi numbers on karoke. Just close your eyes when the female singer sings this song and you will never know the difference.

The food is quite good, although a touch expensive, but certainly forgivable for the heartwarming music. There's also a non-alcoholic bar attached to the restaurant.

In the movie "Johny", Superstar would sport a T-shirt with the caption "Music - The Life Giver". Only sometimes we get to realise how true it is.


Blogger swas said...

Hey, it must be out of place to comment here but couldn't help. Read your blog about Gangai Konda Chozhapuram and your visit to madambakkam. I stay there and when I went there for the first time the place was full of bats.. just like a batman movie :) But then they have renovated it. What you said about the temple bearing traces of the Pallava style is true. Besides, the place itself might have fallen under the Pallava ruled region in that time. I have a lot of interest in such things and nice to find a like minded person. Please do let me know if you have info on any other historicaltemples in TN. Would love to read!


12:05 PM  
Anonymous F e r r a r i said...

Non alocoholic bar aa? Enna kodumai idhu Saravanan?

5:39 AM  
Blogger blogSurya said...

Dei your title horrifies me with the hotel near our office.

Hope you meant "sangeedam sapadu"

5:52 AM  
Blogger b a l a j i said...

sure will update the blog

non-alcoholic-na appuram enna bar vendi kedakku.... 'crorepati' chair pota stall ellam bar aayiduma enna...

i meant "sangeedha saapadhu" and not "sangeethaa sappadu"

5:59 AM  

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