Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adios Schumi

Clean start, lightning in-laps, controlled pace from Schumi followed by awesome overtakings, wheel-to-wheel pit lane antics and dramtic engine blow from Alonso. Well what else could one ask for?

To cap it all, the emotional interview from Schumi announcing his retirement from F1 after this season. Schumi at his composed best, spoke his heart. What a moment to announce ones decision, considering the importance of this race with respect to the driver's & constructor's championship and Ferrari's tradition!!!

I was fancying Schumi and Kimi sharing the scarlet jackets until today. There was another talk of both the drivers swapping teams. But that was not to be. Hope Schumi walks off in style.

"Schumi, You were my Hero,ever since I started watching F1 in 2000. Over these years it was You vs Mika, You vs David, You vs Montoya, You vs Kimi, You vs Button, You vs Alonso. The left hand side has always been constant. Now your retirement would be even tougher on us, the fans. We have to find a new driver rather a new hero to cheer for".


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Anonymous Nirmal said...

Ha well,
Schumi has won too many much i guess..
Great man !!!!!
he will retire as one of the greatest sportsperson of our era..


6:44 AM  

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