Monday, July 24, 2006

Amavasai Iravu


Amavasai annikku poosanikkai-ya suthi nadoo road-la odaikkara moodhevingaLoda kadaikku (adhuvum saayangalathula odaikkira moodhevingaLoda kadaikku) oorula irukka athanai dhrishti-yayum kuduppa....

Ivanga ellam vayathukku enna thaan thingaraanga-nu theriyala...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Murali joins VVS

Seems like Vadivelu has hit Muralitharan for a six. Recently he watched the movie with his family and also met director Chimbudevan.

Vadivelu has become very popular in Sri Lanka too. Looks like Pulikesi is conquering more and more territories.

"Pulikesi! Un nagaichuvai-yaal Muralitharan-ai nee veezhthiyadhaal, indru mudhal 'Pinch Hitter Pulikesi' endru makkaLaal anbodu azhaikka paduvaai". (Accompanied by the hand gesture)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pulikesi - Watch it once more

Well, this is how I felt when I came out of the theatre after watching it for the second time in two days. Honestly, I had a different opinion before my second visit to the movie hall.

Imsai Arasan 23-am Pulikesi, like Kadhala Kadhala and Panchatanthiram is a kind of movie which will grow on you as you see it again and again. So in case you feel that its not as good as expected, give Pulikesi one more chance and you will be sharing the my opinion.


The plot and other aspects will be reviewed by many in the blogosphere. So I use this post to muse, why the movie appeared so good when I saw it for the second time.

There's one obvious reason. There are a lot of subtle scenes in the movie, that a person might miss while watching the movie for the first time. (Just like the scene in Panchatanthiram, where Kamal would say "we have to use our brains" and Jayaram would scratch his ass). In fact there are loads of such scenes, where one might miss the myriad facial expressions of Vadivelu.

Vadivelu deserves to be appreciated for his awesome performance. His dialogue delivery and facial expressions are near perfect. On a close watch, one can realise how he imitates the historical movies of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan.

Other reason might be that, while watching the movie for the first time , sometimes people tend to get restless in their anxiety to know the plat and miss out some of the well thought-out scenes. This doesnt happen the next time. There won't be any suspense to kill the comedy.

More importantly one has to bear the genre of this movie while watching some of the serious and sentiment scenes. In fact there's lot to laugh at in those scenes also.

Among the movie crew, the director deserves credits for the nice screenplay,the music director for the background score (Especially the "vasa samey vasa samey" bgm in the trailer. Its already become my ringtone) and the art director for all the historical sets. The director could have done without a few seemingly dragging scenes. But no complaints in the end.

I would not be surprised if many people disagree with me after watching once. I can only say... Watch it once more. As always.... Pulikesi - Ka ka ka po....

P.S: Kadavule... indha V.S.Raghavan-ukku (the person who acts as Muthuraman's father in Kadhalika Neramillai) "saa"-ve (i meant the sound "saa") varadhaa??? He gets intolerable mouthing the words 'Pulikeshi', 'udhavi sheyya mudiyavillai', 'shulabam' etc.Yoavv... un naakka nallaa shaving panniyaavadhu 'pulikesi'-nu solluyyaa...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Preity in RD

The July edition of Reader's Digest features an interview of Preity Zinta.

An awesome actress that she is, I am great fan of her. She's made a mark for herself in an industry thats taken up body worshipping.


This interview has raised the regards I had for her. Certainly a very different artiste and frank person.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I wonder why - 8

What's in the name?

I wonder why, some of the film makers produce horrible movies and choose titles rhyming with obscene words in Tamil, letting the critics to easily associate with them.

I remember "Lesa Lesa" was tagged as "Loosa Loosa" by a weekly Tamil magazine. Some movies are even worse. Nenjinile, Youth, Aadhi, Kalaatpadai and the latest Uyir to name a few.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The fall of Titans

He never expected the Titans would one day become The Titanic.

Some cursed the coach, some blamed the defence, some rued over the free kick, that Ronaldinho missed in the dying moments.

He switched off the TV thinking, "Is it the unlucky T-shirt, or did I sit on the wrong side of the sofa?"

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