Saturday, October 29, 2005

Water scare-city

I live just 3 streets away from where this tragedy occured. What a trauma it should be for the friends of the guy who prompted him to jump? They will have to live with a troubled conscience for all their lives. Reminds me of the tamil proverb 'viLayaattu vinayaagum'.

I think I am missing something here. Over the past few years every time there's a rain that floods the subways here, I see many people indulging in all sorts of fun and frolic in the stagnating water. Some who missed Ayudha Pooja, make use of this opportunity to wash their vehicles. I have even seen some people wash their clothes and bath in the past.

Agreed Chennai is in deep water trouble and "H20" is being popularly nominated as the Eighth wonder in these parts. But don't the people have enough common sense to realise that it is only the sewage water from the open drains that collects there. It needs no graduate degrees to deduce that stinking water is impure.

Some local heroes dived into the water(I call it as "pee thanni") from as high as 25 feet. Indian Olympic Association, please note this if India has to get medals in the diving events. There were some submerged buses and lorries in that water. What if they fatally hit some sharp corner of such vehicles? How can people be so senseless? Nothing is worth a human life and especially such trivial acts of heroism, fun or whatever one calls it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well's well...

Ever seen a household well that's overflowing. I saw it today in my friend Ajay's house. The rain water that's being harvested from the upper floors filled the well to the brim and started flowing out of it.

What a sight it was in Chennai. I very badly miss a digicam???

Monday, October 24, 2005

My job search ends...

After about so much of dilemma and undecidedness, I finally joined my new company today in Chennai.

This incident once again proved my undeterred faith in destiny. Because about 3 weeks back I got an offer from another software company based in Bangalore. It was a very interesting job and all my enquiries about the department was very postive. So I was absolutely sure and certain to join that position in Bangalore.

I was supposed to join there on 20th. So I made some purchases for my relocation, got a No Objection Certificate for my 2 wheeler(it costs Rs.1400 :( ), got some furniture too for a new house there. I was all set to travel on 18th, when I got an interview call from this company the day before. He had picked my profile from a job site.

Just to discourage the HR guy, I told him that I had already got an offer and that I would be leaving for Bangalore the very next day itself. He told it was fine and if selected they can complete all the formalities within a day. Overcome by temptation, at the same time unwilling to rule out any opportunity, I played my cards and attended that interview.

Unexpectedly it went through fine and I got selected. Things happened at a tremendous pace and before I could realise what was happening, I was sitting with the HR manager for the final interview. And within another couple of hours time, I got a confirmation email from the HR. Under normal circumstances, it would take a week's time.

All my plans came to a halt. I didnt know which one to take. Both are mighty organisations, with very good and interesting domains to accomadate me. It was very tough as neither of the two could be discounted on any grounds.

I should thank all my friends who put up with my long phone calls and gave their valuable insight, advice to me and guided me in taking this decision.

I feel that it is my destiny that I should stay with my family, which I too prefer as it is tough to stay alone, because all that happened on that eventful day were too much to be mere coincidences. At the same time given the sudden turn of events, I didn't want to post this, until I join duty.

"Bangalore poga vendiya naan, cycle gap-la slip aagi U-turn adichu thirumba Madras-ke vandhutten"

Friday, October 21, 2005

'Kadhal' illadha paadal

Heard this song("Vizhigalin Aruginil Vaanam" - from Azhagiya Theeye) when I was caught in traffic yesterday afternoon near Kathipara. My mind was off the road and for the first time I noticed the lyrics of this song. Wow! beautiful.

I remember an interview in which the lyricist said that this was the first ever romantic song without the word 'kadhal' in it. Wonderful verses that bring out the tender feelings of a guy for a girl.

I have highlighted a few lines that I enjoyed the most.

vizhigaLin aruginil vaanam
vegu tholaivinil tholaivinil thookkam
idhu aindhu pulangalin yekkam
en mudhal mudhal anubavam oho ya

oliyindri udhadugaL pesum
perum puyalena veLi varum swaasam
oru suvadindRi nadanthidum paadham
idhu adhisaya anubavam oho ya

peNNai sandhithen
avaL natpai yaasithen
avaL paNbai naesithen
vaeRenna naan solla oho ya

poo poandra kannith thaen
avaL paer solli thithithaen
adhu yaen endRu yoasithaen
ada naan engu swaasithaen?

kaadhodu mounangaL
isai vaarkindRa nerangaL
pasi neer thookkam illaamal
uyir vaazhgindRa maayangal

alai kadalaai irundha manam
thuLi thuLiyaai sidhaRiyadhey
aimpulanum yen manamum
yenakkedhiraai seyalpadudhey

ini kaaNa mudiyaatha maatRam
adhai moodi maraikkindRa thotRam
oru mounappuyal veesudhey
adhil manam thattu thadumaaRumo ya

poovil enna putham puthu vaasam
(poovil enna putham puthu vaasam)
thendRal kooda angeedhamaai veesum
(thendRal kooda angeedhamaai veesum)

yaedho vandhu panneer mazhai thoovum
(yaedho vandhu panneer mazhai thoovum)
yaaro indru engo manam thaedum
(yaaro indru engo manam thaedum)

kaetkaadha oasaigaL
idhazh thaaNdaadha vaarthaigaL
imai aadaatha paarvaigaL
ivai naan konda maatRangaL

sol yennum oar nenjam
yenai nil yennum oar nenjam
edhir paarkkaamal en vaazhvil
oru poarkkaalam aarambam

irudhayamae thudikkiRadha?
thudippathu poal nadikkiRadha?
tholaithidavaa maRaithidavaa?
ragasiyamaai thavithidivaa?

oru peNNin ninaivenna seiyum?
enai kathi illaamal koiyum
idhil meeLa vazhi lladhey
iruppinum uLLam virumbaadhu oh ya
(vizhigalin aruginil vaanam)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

RMKV - Indha Colour Promise

I am an absolute zero about sarees and silks. But all these sarees seem to be simply superb. May be its because they are worn by Jo.

jo_green jo_blue

Since Kakka Kakka, she has become extremely beautiful. Enna maayam-nu theriyalai. This ones my favorite. She is cherubic in this picture.

Jo in this saree reminds me of "Ondra renda" song in Kakka Kakka. She wore a similar saree in that song.

Wishing Jo a very happy birthday...

Vaayil jolludan,

Monday, October 17, 2005

Real and Reel Life

A guy has crush on a girl but the girl is interested in another guy, and these two guys happen to be good friends.

This can happen in real life also.

Now I understand why "Auto-crap" was a huge hit

Lunar Eclipse

Overheard from the 2-way radio of a Call Taxi

Driver: Sir, Innikku edho grahanam irukkaam. bayamaa irukku, sir.
Supervisor: Vandiya orama niruthittu, glass ellam ethittu, night ellam ullaye iru.

Funny people....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

VVS L-ax(ed)man

The squad for the first 2 ODIs was announced yesterday and once again there's lot of talk about VVS Laxman being omitted. Many claim that he has been given a raw deal inspite of his brilliance with the bat.

Lets make ourselves clear. Test and One day cricket are two entirely different ball games. They both need different qualities and not all can adapt themselves to the nuances of the two formats. Test cricket needs a player to be good at what he is capable of doing. Either batting or bowling. One need not be versatile but one has to be brilliant in his sphere of excellence. That explains why we have had Shiv Sundar Das, Devang Gandhi, Akash Chopra, Sadagopan Ramesh, Tinu Youhanan, Debashish Mohanty, Abey Kuruvilla and others featuring as specialist batsmen or bowlers in the test teams of the past. Its altogether different story that they lost their way due to poor performance. But what I would like to say is being good in one aspect of the game is fair enough to claim a place in the test side.

But one day cricket is much different. We need batsmen who can roll their arms and bowlers who can weild the willow and all must be sharp in the field. Does anyone honestly think that Laxman deserves a place in the one day side. Agreed he is a classy, wristy stroke maker. But one day cricket needs improvisation in batting which he totally lacks. Coming to the crease in the middle overs he cannot score more than a single with his lazy coverdrives in a spread out field. Next is his poor running between the wickets and judgement of the fielder. With Laxman being a senior member, I have never seen him run as hard as Kaif, Yuvraj or Sachin.

Many can argue saying that he has scored nearly half a dozen hundreds for India in ODIs. But I dont remember any match winning effort by Laxman with the bat. He might have scored 100s, but those would have come in situations where 150 was possible and this guy, because of his lack of adaptability would have missed out on many scoring opportunities.

Next is his poor fielding. All these days he was made to stand at slips as Dravid was donning the gloves until recently and he had fumbled many a times even with simple sitters. Being a poor athlete, he could not save the crucial ones and twos that can later prove costly in the match.

Dravid was once in a similar state in the early 1998 season when he was considered only for the test team. But he learnt his lessons quickly and has now risen to the level of captaining the team. I don't know why Laxman is not working on his abilities and then rightfully claim a place in the ODI squad. He still is an integral part of the test team, but IMO he needs to improve a lot before he can appear in ODIs.

Another name in the squad that puzzles or rather irritates me is Ajit Agarkar. How many more chances will he be given? For Indian cricket he is a shooting star with brilliance in 1998 season and inconsistency since then.

A few new faces are welcome. Lets see how they fare at the international level.There might be some changes in the squad after first two ODIs. Ganguly might be included but who will get the axe???

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mazhai mazhai mazhai

Ennada evan 3 dhadavai 'mazhai'-nu solraanenu paakkaReengala

1st mazhai - Madras-la peyyaRa super mazhai
2nd mazhai - Mazhai-la bore adikkudhe-nu naan paartha 'mazhai' padam
3rd mazhai - Andha 'mazhai' padathula peyyaRa mazhai.

Proceeding from 3rd mazhai to the 1st, mazhai in the "Mazhai" movie has more number of appearances than any other character. Since it is the one that unites the hero and heroine many times in the movie, it can also be called 'Maama' mazhai.

There's nothing much to talk about the 2nd mazhai. Ordinary masala movie with too much of cinematism in the second half. The first half was quite decent. Jeyam Ravi has chosen the kind of role that would bolster his image as youthful action hero, but the overdose could have been avoided.

Now about the1st mazhai. Whatelse can be so delightful for a Chennai-ite? Thank God, I am completely vetti for another one week and can enjoy the rains staying indoors. I spent the whole day yesterday watching the downpour. The noise of rain lashing the roads, the odd crow finding shelter in the sunshade, stray cows unmindfully lazing on the streets, anxious mothers carrying umbrellas to bring their children, drenched milk vendors abandoning their cycles on the road and running into the nearest shop, auto rickshaws running with their side covers down, commuters braving the rain in their raincoats and so many other interesting sights could be seen from my house....the rain continues to thrill me the same way it did when I was five years old watching little streams run along the streets in my native village.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Weekend Darshan - 5

We(Me and Srivathsan) had a new comer this week in Prabhakar for our weekend darshan trip. The idea was to cover all the divya desams in and around Kancheepuram.

A detailed travelogue of our trip with some excellent photos is available here.

In my opinion the best way to visit all the temples in the shortest time would be in the following order. This is applicable if you take the Padappai-Walajah-Kancheepuram road.

1) Sri Varadarajar Perumal Temple
2) Thiruvekka - Sri Yathothakaari temple
3) Ashtabuyagaram(Ashtabujam)
4) Thiruvelukkai - better known as Yoga Narasimhar temple here
5) Thiruthanka - better known as Deepa Prakasar (or) Desikar temple
6) Sri Vaikunta Perumal temple
7) Sri Ulagalandha Perumal temple- It has four divya desams inside
- Thiru Ooragam (Ooragathaan)
- Thiru Neeragam (Neeragathaan)
- Thiru Kaaragam
- Thirukkaar Vaanam
8) Sri Kamakshi Amman temple - Thirukalavanoor is situated here
9) Thiru Pavala Vannan and Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple
10) Sri Ekambareswarar temple - Thiru Nilathingal Thundam is here
11) Thiru Padagam temple - Pandava thoodhar
12) Thiruputkuzhi - in Chennai - Vellore highway

So that completes all the divya desams in one stretch and one can take the highway to return back to Chennai.

All though Kancheepuram is very close to my birthplace(30 kms), in all these years I had never had the chance to visit such architecturally marvellous places. There are more beautiful places than the commercialised and popular ones like Kamatchi amman temple and Varadarajar temple.

In fact we came across a temple very close to Ekambareswarar temple called the Karagesuwarar temple, which is maintained by the Archeological Society of India. Probably the best we had seen so far. These are temples every art lover must visit atleast once in their life time. These temples just go to show what a rich, royal and contented life our forefathers lived.

Karagesuwarar temple

Kailasanathar Temple in Sodium vapour lighting

Other artistic marvels are Sri Vaikunta Perumal temple and Sri Kailasanathar temple, both maintained by ASI. One can even see the actual pigments used as for painting in Kailasanathar temple. We also came across a small temple called Therkirundha nakkar temple very close to Kamatchi Amman temple. This one dates back to 12th century. Once again ASI has done a great job in reclaiming it.

Therkirundha Nakkar Temple

A striking feature of Kancheepuram is that almost every street has a temple. We were lucky to have a good photographer(Prabhakar) with us. This is one good black and white photo that he came up with.


Shalu Golu

These are some of the Navarathri Golu pics taken at my ex-colleague Shalini's house. Had some nice sundal and kesari and a beverage that was claimed to be coffee.

Image(435) Image(438)
Steps and the road

Image(442) Image(443)
Temple and House

Image(446) Image(447)
The house was neatly done with different floor patterns for different rooms. Here are the 2 balconies

Image(450) Image(451)
Classroom and Traditional dance

Image(452) Image(466)
Muscial Band and a Mountain with onlooking tweeties

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thillu Mullu

Inspired by Superstar's name in Thillu Mullu

rouz small_1
Me, Prabhakar and Srivathsan

Thillu mullu, thillu mullu, he he heh
Ullam ellam kallu mullu....

creativity by Prabhakar

Thursday, October 06, 2005

3 years and 4 days

After 3 years and 4 days, and too much of joblessness I quit from my job day before yesterday.

I joined there as a fresher and it was more like an extension of my college days. This job had given me a lot of good friends and I do not know if I will get any like them in my future workplaces.

I spent my last working day mailing people who were onsite and meeting others who were in Chennai itself. It was then that I realised that I had so many well-wishers than I thought I had.

Most surprising was the few good words that I got from the manager of another department. Although we never worked together, he had observed me on various occasions and talked to me like an elder brother. That was really moving.

It was a bit tough to walk out of the doors for one last time, because this organisation had given me so many things except work in recent times.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ghajini - overhyped

Something's lacking in Ghajini. For some unknown reason, I am not satisfied with this movie to the extent I was satisfied with Mayavi and Peralagan.

Is my dissatisfaction (mind you I am not saying disappointment) because of the too much hype, the absence of Jyothika that we are so much used to in Surya's movies, the second half, some mistimed song sequences(Rangola ola, X-machi), Nayanthara's dance, worst background music, I should rather say noise? I am not able to figure out.

In fact the film had too many pluses in it. Surya has once again done a splendid job and I am happy for him as his ardent fan. Asin is gorgeous and her own voice suits her well. 'Short term memory loss' is a new subject to Kollywood. The director had been very shrewd in having a bit of flash back in both the halves. The songs have been beautifully picturised. Fight sequences were amazing, especially the one in climax.

And most important of all, do you all remember the guy who in Poovellam Kettupaar resorted to shadow dancing by Raju Sundaram in Irava pagala song. Yes I am talking of Surya. One must see him dance in a Ghajini. Boy!!!! He has certainly come a long way in every aspect.

If I am asked to judge between Surya's footwork in Rangola song and Rahul Dravid's footwork when he is on song, I might get confused. :)

Inspite of all these, Ghajini fails to impress. Maybe because the plot was already revealed by Surya in a couple interviews, the movie seemed quite predictable. I hate comparing movies, but I couldn't resist saying that the screenplay is not as captivating as Ramanaa or Kakka Kakka. Whatever be tha case, Ghajini is certainly worth a watch.

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