Monday, September 26, 2005

Bangalore-il oru Madrasi

My experiences in Bangalore over the weekend.

I have been there a couple of times. But then it was only as a stop over on my way to Mysore, Coorg or Goa. This time, my only purpose was to roam around B'lore and visit my friends.

With my uncle's Yamaha, a Bangalore city map and no idea about any place there, I had clocked 210 kms during my brief stay. You can easily guess that atleast 50kms were unintentional as I frequently lost my direction sense because of the many one-ways there. Bangalore is a true cosmopolitan city. Otherwise how can a guy like me, who does not know Kannada or Hindi(of course I know 'Ek gaun mein ek kissan raghu thatha') roam around a city of this magnitude. I doubt if I would have been this comfortable in Coimbatore or Madurai.

Few things that caught my attention as a Madrasi

- The climate is great. It was 28 degrees at 12.30pm on sunday. Chennai is much hotter than this even at 7.30am.

- Petrol is costlier by 2 rupees

- One gets to see beautiful girls much more frequently than in Chennai. But just like Chennai, they always have their ears glued to their mobile phones. Appadi enna thaan pesuvaangalo theriyalai.

- Most of the roads are one-ways

- Traffic is maddening. The roads are crowded all through out the day

- The malls here look very hi-fi.

- People do not spare a single restaurant. I doubt if anybody cooks during the weekends. Pazhaya sadhatha aluminum foil-la pack panni style-a oru peru vechha, adhayum andha ooru makkal vaangi saapiduvaanga.

- Wherever you go, you can hear someone around you speaking Tamil. Most of the auto drivers understand Tamil, although they may not reply in Tamil.

- There are not many reckless drivers. Everybody stops before the stop line and follows lane discipline. I think this traffic sense is partially because of the pleasant climate.

- The local buses are stupid. They have the destination written only in Kannada. How can a person new to that place travel around the city? Chennai is much better in this aspect.

- Its an extravagant city with lavish people.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Preity Zinta fans blogger meet

Mukunth has planned for a Preity Zinta Fan club cum bloggers meet in Chennai this weekend. (24th or 25th based on the availability)

The plan is to go to the movie "Salaam Namaste" and drool at Preity Zinta. Those of you planning to join, send a mail to Prabhakar, don't miss the movie this time.

Unfortunately I am off to B'lore this weekend. Any Bangalore bloggers willing for a meet and the film there, decide the venue and let me know. I will be eager to meet you all.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Gangai Konda Cholapuram

Last week, I managed some time to catch a glimpse this beautiful place in between a couple of wedding receptions. Its an awesome place for those interested in temples, history and sculptures.

Some of the interesting facts, that I heard from the priest there

- Built by Rajendra Chola in 10th century to celebrate his victory
- He chose this place because most of his war heroes were from here
- It took 33 years to build the Shiva temple here
- He ruled from Gangai Konda Cholapuram for 32 years
- Only temple where sunlight gets reflected by the nandi on the lingam at any time of the day
- The Siva lingam and all the dieties are larger than the ones at Thanjavur temple
- The lingam is 13 ft high and 60 ft in circumference compared to 12.5 ft and 55 ft in Thanjavur
- The Navagrahas (9 planets) are carved out of a single stone
- Goddess Durga (King Rajendra's favorite) has 20 hands (Very rare)

There is a dark chamber in the first floor of the temple. We couldn't go there as it was being renovated. I have never seen 1000 year old sculptures being so enormous and expressive

The temple administration has done a great job in keeping it clean and green.

A must see place for those interested in Indian heritage. Google to find out more.

front_view sacred_bull
Front view and Sacred Bull

sculpture temple
Sculptures and Temple side view and breathtaking walls


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Salaam Namaste...tujhe salaam

Couldn't wait to see the movie after reading the reviews. So went to Melody theatre to watch it. Thank you Salaam Namaste. You saved me from my run of poor movies. Now waiting for 'Ghajini'.

Nice, entertaining, jolly movie.

Aana enakku oru chinna kaduppu...
-Saif Ali Khan (DCH-la oru comedian madhiri irundha aalu) indha padathula Preity Zinta-va amma aakinadhoda illama, second half-la thevai illama avala azha vekkiraaru.

I want to ask him
"Dey Saif Ali...."
"Super Figure-na ennanu theriyuma unakku"
"Preity Zinta-na yaarunu theriyuma unakku"
"Appadi pattavala amma aakaradhunna ennanu theriyuma unakku"
(Read it like Superstar's dialogue in Thalapathi - "Natpunna ennanu theriyuma unakku")

Monday, September 12, 2005

3 films and a real-life drama

Last week was real bad for me as I ended up watching three very bad movies.

Tuesday - Stealth - illogical English movie with a few breathtaking and mostly tasteless visual effects.

Friday - Anbe Aaruyire - biggest disappointment of the year - worst movie among recent times. I request all to refrain from seeing even the poster of the film. Nowhere close to "New", which now appears to be a better movie to me, because of the "Iru Kodugal" logic.

Saturday - TottiJaya (Vettipayya) - slow screenplay, poor songs with a needless item number, overworked tear glands of Gopika (I was expecting to see Gopika as in"Kana Kanden"), bearded Simbu resembling Chimpu. Only plus-point being the absence of unnecessary build-up for Simbu.

I wanted some consolation in the form of "Salaam Namaste", but my bike probably feeling neglected and wanting more of my attention, kissed a Ford Ikon on the busy GST road, scraped my palms and has landed itself in the TVS service centre with a lengthy bill.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mannaaru Mannan - I

Read about the story and cast of the movie here

Scene Settings: ABC Engineering College...Dept Of Electronics

Busboo: Madam, ungala paakka Mechanical dept HOD vandhirukkaaru
Snake-a: Enna venumaam, andha kezhavanukku, sari vara sollu

Mechanical Dept HOD is "PEPSI ajayan" . His son "Kosupathi" also works as a lecturer in Mechanical department.

Snake-a: Edhukku vandha???enakku neraya velai irukku...
PEPSI A: Oru merger pathi discuss pannalum-nu vandhen

Snake-a: Enna merger???
PEPSI A: Enga Mechanical department number one department-a irukku. Unga Electronics zero-th department-a irukku. rendayum merge panni "Mechetronics"-nu oru pudhu department uruvakkittom-na naama number 0.5 department aayiduvom.

Snake-a: Mundam, appadi oru branch erkanave irukku. Ranking oru whole number, adhula decimal varadhu. Nee edhukku vandhirukka-nu enakku theriyum. Mechanical dept-la figure-ey kedayadhu, adhanaala pasanga yaarum class-ku varaama canteen-laye sight adichittu irukkaanga. Enga electronics dept-la neraya figure irukku, rendu dept-um merge pannittaa pasanga ponnungala paakura saakulayaavadhu class-ku varuvaangannu nenaikkara, illayaa?
PEPSI A: aamam

Snake-a: Madayaa. ponnunga irundha pasangala avangalayum koottittu park, cinema, coffee day-nu poyiduvaangale thavira class-ku vara maataanga. Adhuvum illaama unnoda dept-la ponnunga padikkanum-nu aasai irundha, mudhalla Engineering drawing hall-la irukkara "Kaun Banenga Crorepati" stool ellam eduthuttu, computer lab madhiri comfortable chair vaangi podu. High heels potta ponnunga kooda adhula yera mudiyaama kashta padaraanga. Appuram ponnunga drawing podum bodhu pakkathula ninnu etti paakaraangale unnoda staff, avangalayum adakki vei.
PEPSI A: Enna avamaana paduthitta illa???Nee idhukku romba feel pannuva.

Snake-a: Unnala mudinja en kooda thozhi-lla potti podu.
PEPSI A: Ippa edhukku indha dialogue solra?
Snake-a: Original "Mannan"-la Vijayashanthi ippadi thaan solvaanga. Appa thaan naama endha scene-a kalaaikarom-nu makkalukku puriyum..

To be continued...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

High School Reunion

After seven years it was the wedding reception of my high school classmate, Anandraj that arranged for our reunion. None of the girls and only 8 of the 11 guys turned up.

We tried some strange things like standing in our old attendance order while waiting to greet the groom, recalling atleast one incident where the other person got caught in the class etc.

Me: Dey, ponnunga ellam engada
Arun: Theriyala da. Paadhi perukku mela ellarukum kalyanam aayiduchu
Cheralathan: Namma class-la motham ethanai ponnunga?
Me: 18 peru da
Rajashekar: Dhoda. ennama nyabagam vechirukka da nee!!!
Me: %^&**&...
Ajay: Naama ellarayum pottu kanda menikku oatti thaLLinom. Ippa dhideernu kalyanathukku koopitta yaaru varuvaa?
Gowri Shankar: Che..Oruthi kooda varala!
Me: Yaaru andha 18 peru
Ajay: Aamanda...athanai peraa irundhanga??? kanakku podu
Franklin: Anitha, Preetha, Bhuvaneshwari, Preethi
Me: Iruda. Oru paper-um penaa-vum edu. List podalaam.
Ajay: Indha 4 pera ezhudhuda.
Me: Konjam wait pannu. Pillayar suzhi pottu start panren...
Cheralathan: dey, ezhudhittiyaaa??
Me: Ok da. Anitha, Preetha, Bhuvaneswari, Preethi
Arun: Dey, last bench-la kannadiya mookuku keezha pottiruppale
Franklin: Dey, ava Chitra da.
Me: Ok. Ezhudhikitten, 5 peru
Cheralathan: Dey, Bala...Botany teacher kitta boys ellam galatta panrom-nu oru ponnu complain pannina theriyuma. ava yaaru
Arun: Haan!!!Ava braces pottitu iruppale
Me: Avalaa.. Rajeswari. Ok 6 aachu
Rajasekar: Dey Ajay. Unakku second language Hindi thaane. Vera yaaru Hindi padichaanga
Ajay: Anusuya, Preethi, Maitrayee, Chitra...
Me: Preethi, Chitra already ezhudhiyaachu. Anusuya, Maitrayee. Ok 8 peru
Franklin: Namma class-la neraya Vidya irundhaanga theriyuma..
Arun: Aamam da. Srividya, R.Vidya ....
Me: Ok 10 aachu. Ivanga ellam ennada panraanga
Ajay: Srividya-kku kalyanam mudinji Seatle poyittaa da.
Me: Ellarum America maapilaye kalyanam pannikkunga. India pasanga naanga vaayile verala vechikkittu vedikkai parkarom.
Cherelathan: Vidu Bala..Idhukku ellam feel pannadha. Rajasekar...nee train-la dhaane pova. Ponnunga yaaru train-la povanga
Rajasekar: C.H.Vidya.. Avalukkum pona varusham kalyanam aayiduchu.
Me: Ok 11 aachu.
Arun: Rajasekar nee oru ponna sight adichiye ava yaaru.
Rajasekar: %^&&*
Gowri Shankar: Machan ava peru Niraja-da. Ezhudhikko da . 12 aachu
Me: Second bench-la yaaru ellam ukkaruvaanga
Arun: Priyadarshini, Suganthy ezhudhuda.
Cheralathan: Ivanga 2 perum eppadi da iruppanga.
Franklin: Silent-a irukka edam thriyaama iruppaanga
Me: sarida 14 peru vandhirukku. innum 4
Gowri Shankar: Dhumma pottute pesuvom. 5 kings vaangu.
Cheralathan: Dey. Gayathri-nu oru ponnu padichaa illa?
Arun: Ava Computer-Science group da.
Me: Illada. Biology dhaan.
Gowri Shankar: Aamam da. Ava Biology dhaan. ezhudhikko. Innum 3 venum
Rajasekar: Dey, edho Devi-nu oru ponnu padichaa nyabagam irukka.
Ajay: aamam da. chitra devi yaaa??
Arun: Illa illa
Me: Dey, Mythili-nu yaaravadhu padichaangala
Franklin: Correct machan. Adhu chitra devi illa, mythili devi.
Cheralathan: Appadi podu. 16 aachu.
Ajay: Oru ponnu konjam gunda iruppa, full sleeve chudhidhar poduvaale da.
Arun: Yaaruda solra. ava endha area???Nanganallur-aa?
Ajay: Bala veedu kitta dhaan da.
Gowri shankar: Edhavadhu oru incident sollu
Ajay: 2 varushathula ava vaaye thirandhadhu kedayaadhu da
Me: Appa eppadi da nyabagam varum.
Ajay: Ava thambi kooda TVS Sport-la povane
Arun: Ippadi adayaalam sonna eppadi da???
Franklin: Aaamam da. Ava peru V-la start aagum.
Ajay: Bala, ava namma kooda Vani nursery school-la LKG, UKG padichaa da
Me: Ohhh! avalaa...correct da. namma kooda tuition padichaa da ava. peru nyabagam varaliye
Franklin: Ava peru Vijayalakshmi-da.
Cherelathan: Super-da dey. engiyo poyitteenga. Innum orey oruthi dhaan. Yaaru andha Ms.X
Gowri Shankar: Innoru round dhum potta nyabagam varum
Franklin: Sari vaangu....

We broke our heads another half an hour. But couldn't find that elusive 18th girl. Nevertheless it was great fun in identifying those names and more importantly the different ways in which we guys had remembered the girls who studied in our class was very interesting. The reunion ended at 10.00pm with we guys exchanging our mobile numbers with each other and asking them to keep in touch.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mannaaru Mannan (Mannan Part - II)

From the director of "Baniyan", that won 21 comments on Haloscan

Another wholesome spoof entertainment

"Mannaaru Mannan (Mannan Part - II)"

Releasing soon @ Bala-graphy

Little Dooper Star Sombu as "Vethu"
Auto-crap fame Snake-a as "Boondhi Devi"
Korattai Arangam fame Sisu as Snake-a's father
Jaya TV, sunday night "Back kaatu" programme fame Busboo, as Snake-a's assistant
Koyyapuri as Sombu's friend

The superhit of yesteryears, Rajnikanth starrer "Mannan" has been adopted for engineering college settings. Vethu is a student seeking admission in an Engineering college where Boondhi Devi happens to be the Head of the Department(HOD). Busboo is her good-natured personal assistant.

Boondhi Devi is a hard-working HOD who strives to keep her department as the Number Zero department of the college. She is a strict disciplinarian who never wants to relinquish her Zero-th position to any other department.

Strange things can happen when these characters meet.

Keep visiting here for more...

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