Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mobile-na Nokia

I often get to hear this from many people who own Nokia mobiles...

"Mobile phone-na Nokia thaan Sir... keezha potta kooda odayadhu... maththa ella phones-um waste"

Even if it is true... when will people realise that mobile phones are not to be judged by their unbreakableness

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kadhal Neruppin Nadanam

Hooked to this song from Veyil. A.R.Rahman's nephew G.V.Prakash is the music director. The lyrics are also good.

Singers: Karthik, Chinmayee

Kadhal neruppin nadanam, uyirai urukki tholayum payanam
kadhal neerin salanam, puyalgal urangum kadalin mounam
kadhal maya ulagam, silandhi valayail siruthai maattum
pulli maangal punnagai seidhu vedanai veezhthum

kanvaugal pookindra chediyena kangal maarudhu unnaaley
vayadhilum manadhilum vittu vittu vannam vazhiyudhu unnaaley
unadhu vaLaiyadum azhagaana kai theendave
thalayil ilai ondru vizha vendume
kudaigal illadha nerathu mazhai vaazhgave
unadhu kai rendum kudai aanadhey
unadhu muthathil niram maarudhey
udalil oru kodi nadhi paayudhey

vaanathin marupuram paravaiyaai neeyum naanum povomey
boomiyin nadupuram vergaLaai neenda dhooram povomey
kodi megangal thalai meedhu thavazhndhu aadudhey
kadhal mozhi kettu mazhai aanadhey
nooru nootraandu padaadha poo vaasamey
boomi engengum thaan veesudhey
ennuLL unnai unnuLL ennai
kaalam seyyum kadhal bommai

You can listen to this song here

Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Darshan - 13


We had been to Somangalam this week end.

I had heard about a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in this place. So we set out in search of it, early sunday morning. The historic information about this place can be found here.

We managed to find it. But what I saw there evoked mixed feelings in me. It is an absolute beauty of the Cholas. But time has weathered the temple and those generous hearts that could spare funds for renovating must have found it appealing to attach steel grilled doors, build concrete sheds and fix mosaic tiles to the floors.


Some original idols

Magnificent back side of the temple. Its oval

An artistic window. Testimony to Chola art

There's nothing much a lover of art and sculpture can do except grieve at what has been lost. Inspite of so much cement and concrete, the temple is impressive. The temple was locked. Somehow we didnt feel like going in after what we saw there.

A beautiful tree within the temple

Somangalam is 6 kms from Kishkinta. Proceed straight after Kishkinta, the road divides into two. Take the left there and proceed as the road goes. Go beyond Sairam Engineering College . Somangalam is just after Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering. There is also a road from Somangalam which leads to Kundrathur - Sriperumbudur road.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adios Schumi

Clean start, lightning in-laps, controlled pace from Schumi followed by awesome overtakings, wheel-to-wheel pit lane antics and dramtic engine blow from Alonso. Well what else could one ask for?

To cap it all, the emotional interview from Schumi announcing his retirement from F1 after this season. Schumi at his composed best, spoke his heart. What a moment to announce ones decision, considering the importance of this race with respect to the driver's & constructor's championship and Ferrari's tradition!!!

I was fancying Schumi and Kimi sharing the scarlet jackets until today. There was another talk of both the drivers swapping teams. But that was not to be. Hope Schumi walks off in style.

"Schumi, You were my Hero,ever since I started watching F1 in 2000. Over these years it was You vs Mika, You vs David, You vs Montoya, You vs Kimi, You vs Button, You vs Alonso. The left hand side has always been constant. Now your retirement would be even tougher on us, the fans. We have to find a new driver rather a new hero to cheer for".

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Word Puzzle

This is my latest addiction.


This is an online game , where one has to unscramble the letters and find the 8-lettered word. If you are a crossword freak, and have a passion for anagrams you will find it interesting (For the kind attn of Yadhvi ).

I am losing hours together with this game. You can play it from here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

- Thank god for all the non-vegetarians, I have the baby corn fry for myself when we folks go out for dinner.

- Why is that the bus I take, is always overtaken by buses to the same destination?

- Some people tell their own names when they pick up their phones, instead of "Hello".
Yennu ketta, corporate etiquette-aam....Office-la yaar kitta pesarom-nu kooda theriyaama , yaravadhu phone panuvangalaa...
Sometimes they blurt out their names to creditcard marketing people also... and later crib for getting calls.... Phunny peepul...

-It is so easy to gain weight. But it takes a lot of effort and determination to shed those excess pounds. How unfair?

-Things planned well in advance, invariably flop. Whereas things done in spontaneity become super hit.


-While there are so many unrelated thoughts in this post, why shouldn't there be an unrelated picture?

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