Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ettu poda theriyuma

How many of you holding a valid two wheeler license can ride your vehicle along the path resembling the number eight (8) without keeping your foot down in a small area? (As far as I know, this is a mandatory requirement for getting the license)

Well, I tried it but couldn't. (Naanga ellam Gandhi thaatha padam pota, important papers kuduthu, 11 pottu license vanginom.) Does that rule exist even now?

I drove only the four wheeler with the RTO and got both two wheeler and four wheeler license.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Telescope game

Came across this nice little game.


The idea is to push the ball into the hole using the telescopes. Pretty interesting and very useful as a 'sleep buster'.

The game can be downloaded from here.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Same Blood

Seems like yet another dust clad pillion...


kavala padadheenga appu... ungalukku-nu engiyavadhu oru ratchasi (devil) illamalaa poga poraa???

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Carnival has begun

Yes... who ever saw the Brazil vs Japan match yesterday would have realised that. In fact it has begun in style.

I felt Brazil were off colour in their first two league matches. But they drove away all those ghosts and came back with a bang yesterday. Japan were not the kind of opponents to match Brazil, yet they put up a spirited fight and had the first blood.

In fact, it was that goal from Japan that brought out the best from the Champions. The young blood Robinho created so many chances, and he had a couple of shots on target also. They would have been great goals, had they been converted. I hope he becomes a regular player in the starting eleven. Ronaldo was nearly back to his best.

It was very heartening to see him do the "Vaala meenu" gesture once again. Juninho's goal should hint, what the team is capable of.

la la la.. la la la la laaaa...
la la la.. la la la la laaaa....
la la la.. la la la la laaaa...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pulikesi - new trailer

A new trailer for Imsai Arasan 23-m Pulikesi, has come up at behindwoods.

Awesome trailer and much more hilarious than the first one, especially the 'veera vasanams' and dance movements. Can't stop laughing at the scene where Vadivelu licks an arrow and the one where sports jasmine flowers on his moustache.

Makes me restless for the movie to release.

Pulikesi - ka pi ka po (kanna pinnanu kalakkura po)_

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Love-na enna

Last month, Sunitha was all over his dreams. This month, he didn't even feel like turning in her direction.

Until last week, Vaidehi captured his interest. And since morning, Swati's email was making him think about her.

Confused, he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. There Vivek was asking his friend, "Love-na enaa da?".... "Room podaradhu"


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nera kodumai

How can you not laugh at this.... Can you stand still, watching these stills...

Seems like this movie is an out and out comedy, set out in Chennai. (Aamam aamam.... still-ey ivvalavu comedy-aa irukke...)

(indha get up ellam thevayaa???)

(idhu enna.... Pulikesi still-a copy adicha madhiri)

Ivanga ellam hero-va nadikkum bodhu, Vadivelu oru comedy padathukku hero-va nadikaradhula thappe illa...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sangeetha sappadu

After an enjoyable morning ride to my office along the surprisingly empty roads, Windows Media Player brought this song from the database.

Raja and Janaki, what a deadly combination they are...

Putham Pudhu Kalai

puththam puthu kaalai ponniRa veLai
en vaazhvilE thinanthoRum thonRum
sukaraakam ketkum ennaaLum aanantham (puththam)
(There's a bit here which also features in "Do anything " of How To Name it)

poovil thonRum vaasam athuthaan raakamo
iLam poovai nenjil thonRum athuthaan thaaLamo
manathin aasaikaL malarin kolangkaL
kuyilOsaiyin paripaashaikaL athikaalaiyin varaveRpukaL (puththam)

vaanil thonRum kolam athu yaar pottatho
pani vaadai veesum kaatRin sukam yaar thanthatho
vayathil thonRidum ninaivil aanantham
vaLarnthaaduthu isaipaaduthu vazhinthoduthu suvaikooduthu (puththam)

Just like Pavlov's dog, this song reminds me of the multicuisine restaurant "Khaana Ghaana" located in Chamiers road off Nadanam signal. A place where you can get food for your ears also.


After 8 pm on all days, there's a pair that sings Ilayaraja's classics of the yesteryears along with some latest melodies and some Hindi numbers on karoke. Just close your eyes when the female singer sings this song and you will never know the difference.

The food is quite good, although a touch expensive, but certainly forgivable for the heartwarming music. There's also a non-alcoholic bar attached to the restaurant.

In the movie "Johny", Superstar would sport a T-shirt with the caption "Music - The Life Giver". Only sometimes we get to realise how true it is.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Set Tof Faux

Myself: Paatti... adhu "iskool" illa... school... sollu pakkalaam.
Paatti : Adhu enna mo po

A typical conversation in my childhood, every time after my granny utters "iskool" instead of 'school'.

One cannot blame her, for she was a typical countryside, fifth standard drop out with no inkling of English alphabets. But I felt that there was absolutely no necessity to use English words, when she was not comfortable with them.

Later on, it became my favorite past time to observe her funny pronunciations. "ispoon" (spoon), "shentre" (centre), "shambu" (shampoo), "shoab" (soap), "pashtu" (paste), "bilt" (belt), "aeroplaan" (aeroplane), "shite" (side), "bridge" (fridge), "pan" (fan) and the list goes on. The worst of them all was "joindu" (joint), and she would use it when she wants my mom to mix milk stored in two different vessels.

She was not coming out with new words after some time, and my fun stopped there until I reached my college. It was there that I realised that even well-educated people (people with Post graduate degrees) were clumsy in their accent.

There were people who would say "buplic". It is not the case, where people say "tamil" and "malai" because of their inability to say "tamizh" and "mazhai". When the whole world around them pronounced the word as "public", I would wonder if they never realised their mistake.

Anyhow I had some fun again observing them. There was Lecturer who taught us Digital Electronics. She was pathetic. Would you ever accept words like "Tann" (10), "Toll" (12), "purogram" (program), "eqol" (equal), "thres hold" (threshold), "iz a" (this is a) at a university level.

There was another guy in our class, who gave us the term "workshof fant". If you can decipher it, you can as well find out what the topic means. I am very excited after purchasing it last week.
P.S. There are many, who inspite of their entire schooling in Tamil medium have grown up to speak good English. And there are a few who do not bother to correct themselves.

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