Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weekend Darshan - 11

Sri Balasubramina Swamy Temple, Siruvapuri

Yesterday we had been to this nice temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. The history of this temple dates back to the period of Ramayana. It is believed that Lava and Kusa fought with their father Lord Rama here over the Ashwameda horse. Hence the name "Siruvar pOr puri" - siruvapuri. Arunagirinathar has sung about this place in "Thriupugazh"

But around here, this place it is known as "Chinambedu" which has been derived from "Chinna ambu edu". We googled for a road route to this place, but couldn't find one. So we called Mr.Sundaram, whose telephone number we got from here. He was very helpful and patiently explained the route to us.


Siruvapuri is situated 50kms from Chennai along the Chennai - Kolkatta highway. As you proceed from RedHills, you will come across a toll booth after a bridge at Karanodai. Travel for another 6kms along the highway and there is a "Siruvapuri" name board on the left hand side. Take left there and proceed for another 3-4 kms to reach the temple.

Although the temple is neat and well maintained, thanks to copious funds that it is recieving, the people here do not seem to understand that temples need to be calm and peaceful.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Birthday boy Sachin

Happy Birthday Thalai....

I can never forget the treat you gave us, 8 years back on this same day when you tormented Shane Warne.


You have given us so many things to cherish. Unforgettable moments on the field, long arguements with my friends about who is the best batsman, interesting stories to tell my grandchildren (Sharjah sandstorm ODI and Chennai test match would be interesting to tell even after generations). Thanks for all that.

I would not be surprised, if you become a cartoon character after your playing days. For its hard to imagine a world without your cricket.

Ice Age - 2

Makes us forget the scorching heat of Chennai, and transforms us to a fun filled, ice covered place for one and half hours.


The two possum brothers, Crash and Eddie steal the show and make us go bonkers with laughter along with Sid. The climax scenes of Manny and Ellie union, remind us the myriad Tamil movies. (Cha... ice age-la kooda peN mammoth-nga ippadi thaan scene podum pola irukku). And guess what, Scrat, the persistent squirrel turns hero in the end, but sadly even the sequel is not enough for him to grab his nut.

We thought we might be on for some embarassment, going for a kids movie at Satyam theatre. Surprisingly there were more popcorns and cold coffees, than the candies and chocolates. After all we were not the only ones loving animation movies.

Go chill out and beat the heat with Ice Age 2.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kannum kannum koLLai adithaal

Aanum pennum arattai adithaal
kadalai Endru artham
Kadalai poda aaLillai endraal
kodumai endru artham
Marina beach-il paarthu kondaal
meeting endru artham
Mahabs beach-ku kootti sendraal
dating endrey artham artham

Paavaigal thondrianaal
college pakkam endru artham
Rahul Dravid iranginaal
Sehwag out endru artham
AaL-illaamal pesi kondaal
cell phone endru artham
Azhagu pennin boy-friend endraal
ayyo paavam endrey artham artham
(Aanum Pennum)

Seeridum scooty-gal, naaLai
aunty-gaL endru artham
Kaalai-yil odinaal, udambil
cholestrol endru artham
Pinnal konjam neeLamai irundhal
sowri endru artham
Pillion-seat azhukkaai irundhaal
bachelor endrey artham artham
(Aanum Pennum)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gyaan ???


Found this vehicle in my locality ...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weekend Darshan - 10


Thirumazhisai is a small town, which is 5 kms from Poonamallee on the Chennai-Thiruthani highway. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and another to Lord Vishnu both dating to the Chola period.

Othaandeeswarar Temple
This temple comes on the right side of the highway when we go from Chennai. Lord Shiva here is known as Othaadeeswarar or Mano Anukuleswarar.

Once when King Kulothunga Chola was on his way, he found a creeper blocking his way and cut it with his sword. He saw bloodstains in his sword and when he removed the creeper, there was a siva lingam with blood oozing from it. The repentant king cut his arm, and then the Lord appeared before him and restored his hand. The king built a temple at that place and hailed the Lord as "Kai Thantha Piran"

Here are some of the pics
Dsc01578 Dsc01580

Dsc01582 Dsc01584

Jagannatha Perumal Temple
This temple is very close to Othandeeswarar temple. Thirumazhisai is the birth place of Thirumazhisai Azhwar and there is a separate sannidhi for Thirmazhisai Azhwar in this temple.

This temple is one of the three Jagannatha Kshetrams and is referred as Madhya Jagannatha Kshetram. Puri is the Uthra Jagannatha Kshetram and Thirupullani is the Dakshina Jagannatha Kshetram.

Dsc01608 Dsc01592

Dsc01603 Dsc01604

Although the temple clearly indicates Chola architecture, there is a mandapam in the traditional Pallava style.

I was able to gather some evidence to associate this temple to Rajendra Chola I.

Both the temples are very well maintained and the place is very calm and refreshing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I wonder why - 6

Day light Saving

Most of the western countries, follow a rather peculiar method to save energy and make maximum use of the sun light, which they call 'Daylight Savings Time'. The whole idea of adjusting time beats me.


Let's say you are going to your place of work by the 8 AM train. And from one day onwards the timing was changed to 7 AM and there are no other trains that can take you to your destination. What would you do?

The simplest thing would be to wake up an hour earlier and catch the 7 AM train. Or you can advance your watch by an hour the previous night itself, catch the 7 AM train and fool yourself thinking that you have caught the 8 AM train.

The rationale behind 'Daylight Savings' is very simple. In countries farther away from the tropics, the days become much longer than the nights during summer. By starting the day earlier, sunlight can be utilised to the maximum thereby saving power. Wouldn't it be a much simpler option to advance things by an hour? Say shift the work hours and school timings instead of adjusting the clocks all over the country.

I wonder why the westerners want to do things in the most complicated way and take pride by calling themselves advanced. What a chaos it would be on the days when they move from one time to another? How much of effort and resources would have been wasted so far in developing software, watches and other gadgets to adjust to the 'Daylight Savings'. Adding to that, there is no single date that is universally followed.

Here is a list of some incidents which make 'Daylight Savings' appear silly.

How does it feel when you read something like this " A baby boy was born at 1.45 am DST. Unfortunately he could not sustain life and died at 1.30 am on the same day".

In what way is DST better than Janakaraj of the film "Unnal Mudiyum Thambi", who would tie a rope to his house and try to move it away from a stinking pond. I am yet to find a convincing reason to accept DST as the best possible solution for saving energy.

More about DST can be found here

Sunday, April 09, 2006


(Scene - Kamaraj Hospital)
- Kuzhandhai peru ennanga?
- Sridevi
- Unga peru?
- Rajesh
- Neenga kuzhandhai-yoda appaa-va?
- Illai...idhu en annan-oda kuzhandhai...avaru peru Sendhil
- Marakkaama 14th May annikku kuzhandhai-ya koottittu vaanga... second dose podanum
- Saringa

- Kuzhandhai peru ennanga?
- Sriram
- Unga kuzhandhaiya ?
- Aamam...
- Unga peru?
- Ramya

Rajesh couldn't believe his eyes. It was the same Ramya on whom he was mad four years ago. Everything was fine until one fine day she stopped talking to him, answering him on phone and started ignoring him like a total stranger. And now she was carrying her 8 months old son on her shoulders.

- Ramya neeya???eppadi irukka?
- hmm....nalla thaan irukken
- Unakku kalyanam aayiducha???
- Idhu enna keLvi??? (giving what-do-u-want kind of look)
- I think I am seeing you after four years now.
- Aamaam...(Won't u just walk away)
- Nee eppadi inga???
- Yen in-laws house pakkathula thaan irukku...
- Ok ok...Enga ooru kaarar thaana unga aaLu???...(Rajesh alone laughs, while Ramya gives a wry smile)Ramya...if u dont mind... naan un kitta onnu kekkanum
- Pazhasa kelaraadha Rajesh... adhellam mudinju pona kadhai
- Unakku badhil solla vendaam-na vittudu...naan innum keLvi-ye kekkaliye
- Nee enga varuve-nu theriyum...
- Ramya...unakku yen enna thideernu pidikkaama pochu???
- Enakku nyaabagam illa...
- Hey...this is too much... un kitta ippadi kekkaradhu anaagareegam-nu enakkum puriyudhu... aana indha keLvi yen manasa romba naaLaa arichikittu irukku... 2 varusha pazhakkatha orey naaL-La verukkara aLavukku naan enna thappu panninen... illa romba naaL-aavey unakku yen-na pidikkaama pochaa???
- Rajesh...are u not ashamed to talk like this...enakku kalyanam aayiduchu...i am someone else's wife now...
- Ramya..naan un kitta "I love u" solla varala... naan innamum unna nenachittu irukken-nu solla varalai...adhu unmayum illa... aanaa adhey samayam ennaala unna adiyoda marakkavum mudiyala... un nyaabagam varum bodhellaam... i feel like a silly loser... naan oru "udhavakkarai"-nu thonudhu... ditching a guy is the best way to shatter his confidence... and u have done exactly that...
- Yen mela pazhi podariyaa???
- Illa... for whatever reason... unakku enna pidikkaama poyirundhaalum.. adha yen kitta neradiyaa sollittu naama nalla padiyaa pirinji irukkalaame... yedhukkaaga yen kitta edhuvume sollaama indha 4 varusham kaanaama poyitta???... why did you make me feel guilty??? and inspite of all this... bullshit... enakku un mela kovam kooda vara maattengudhu..
- Ippa yenna pannanum-nu solra??
- Why did you hate me?
- Avasiyam sollanumaa???
- Aamaam

- Dei...Rajesh ezhundhirudaa...pagal-la enna thookkam???
- Oh...Amma..enna-ma???yen ezhupina?
- Dei...annan kuzhandhai-ku polio drops podanum da... konjam pakkathula irukka MM hospital-ku thookittu poyen
- Sari varen...

Rajesh carries Sridevi and turns right instead of turning left... He seems to be headed towards Kamaraj Hospital (hmm... aasai yaara vittudhu)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ninaipathellam Nadanthuvittal

aayiram match-gal nadakkum
angey aayiram pudhu mugam udhikkum 8munaf

yaaro varuvaar, 13raina yaaro powar

varuvadhum povadhum theriyaadhu 26mongia1

oruvar mattum kudiyirundhaal Sourav_Ganguly1 thunbam edhumillai

onrirukka onru vandhaal sourav_ganguly_and_greg_chappel-1 enrum amaidhiyillai


black dvd

I am only one; but still I am one,
I cannot do everything -But I can do something
And because I cannot do everything , I will not refuse to do something I can do
- Helen Keller

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Tirupathi 09

It is high time Perarasu, stops writing crap on the pretext of lyrics. There is a hell lot of difference between simple lyrics and dirty lyrics.

Sunday, April 02, 2006



Ella pasangaLukkum oru alarm undu.... silarukku adhu 15 nimishathula adikkalaam... silarukku adhu 30 nimisham kazhichi adikkalaam... oru silarukku interval-ku appuram adikkalaam... aanaa andha alarm adicha appuram pasangaLaala theatre-la ukkara mudiyadhu... udaney kaduppaagi ezhundhu poyiduvaanga... (sila padathukku ellam engaLukku poster paathaley alarm adikkum)

aanaa.... eppa oru payyan, avan figure-a koottikittu padathukku poraano, adhukku appuram avanukku andha alarm adikkaradhu ninnudum (aamaam... soodu soranai-ye poyidudhu...appuram alarm mattum enga adikka pogudhu) andha naaL annikku pasangaLukku theatre pogara varaikkum time-ey nagaraadhu... padam aarambicha appuram time eppadi pogudhunnum puriyadhu... veLiya vandha appuram kadhai kettaalum theriyadhu...

appadi paakkum bodhu.... ottu kekkaravanga, engala madhiri comment adikkaravanga naduvula maattikkaama, amaidhiyaa, thaniyaa corner seat-la ukkaandhu paakkanum-nu dhaan pasanga aasai paduvaanga...

P.S: If you cannot make any sense out of this, there is a similar dialogue in this movie about alarm and girls... can someone explain me what it is???

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