Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Drive your way to marriage

Read this in "The Hindu" today

Four women in Saudi Arabia, who work as teachers in a remote village school, married their driver so that all five of them can stay together near the village and avoid tedious travel.


-What strange reasons for people to get married???

-Now I know why many Mallus go to Arab countries to work as drivers.

-Oruthanukku naalu Arab-i wives-aaa??? Naadu thaangadhu da en dubukku!!!!

-Ayya Driver-ey!!!!
Pondaatti-ya vandiyila koottitu pora makkaL undu
Vandiyila kottittu pona pengaLaye pondaatti aakkubavargaLum undu
Idhil thaangaL endha vagaiyai saarndhavar endru ungaLukke theriyum...

(Ippadi Nagesh maadhiri polamba vittutaaney)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Each bloggers meet is a new experience. Yesterday's meet @ Amethyst lived up to it with some 30 odd people turning up. We had the grand old man of blogging, Thennavan's father joining us along with his wife (who also happens to a blogger).

My two and half hours stay there was spent catching up with buddies Somu and Sheky, making friends with Akshay, Jaggy, PrabhuKarthik, Vishnu, Viji. There were loads of other people pouring in and I couldn't keep track of them (blame it on poor memory). I met one more popular blogger of the Chennai blogosphere, Ravikumar for the first time yesterday. Jeleel, CVraman, Hari the hairdon, Kummy(Guru) are a few others I can recollect.

After a delicious Caffe Latte from Amethyst, a bunch of us moved to Woodlands Drive-In for dinner. I was spared the boredom of driving alone on way back home by Viji. Surprisingly she is the first person I know from Bangalore, who likes Chennai for what it is rather than cursing it for what it is not.

Sophia took some pictures and I politely did the honours of posing.

On the whole a pleasant evening nicely spent.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

On a roll

Goundamani: Evan da adhu, namma vandikku munnadi tyre otti viLayadaradhu
Sendhil : Anney, adhu namba vandi-oda tyre dhaanney.

Witnessed a similar scene today near Guindy, when I was returning home. Only difference is that this time it was a huge truck. One of the rear tyres(trucks have double tyres on the rear), somehow got detached and started rolling on the road. The driver did not realise until one of the vehicles overtook and signalled him.

Fortunately it was the right rear tyre and it gradually leaned over the median. Couldn't imagine what would have happened if it had been the left tyre with so many vehicles and mofussil buses speeding on the busy GST road.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rahul will reign

I'm very happy to read this. There were times when I had felt that Dravid was being exploited for being Mr.Nice Guy. But now he is getting his due share of the credit. (Aandavan nallavangaLa sodhippaan, aana kai vida mattaan)

One of his rare pics

I had great regards on 'Dada' too until Greg Chappel's email was published. The mail seemed very credible to me. All the silly politics that he played during his tenure tarnished his image among me and my friends. Initially I felt that BCCI was partial towards Ganguly for not reprimanding his deeds. On hindsight I realise that it was the best thing to do at that time when the spirits were running high.

The selectors have neatly sidelined the non-performers without much hue and cry. I couldn't recollect the movie, but here's an apt dialogue---"Aara pottu adikkiravan thaan arasiyal vaadhi"(couldn't come up with an apt translation). That way our selectors are as good/bad as our rulers.

They have created a system, where it will be very tough for even them to bring in Ganguly. With so many passionate Ganguly fans in Bengal, I wonder what would happen to the Kolkatta match.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Clumsy and Crazy

The clumsy clown you see in the first picture often reminds me of the kind aborigin of the second picture.

ss250809 the_gods_must_be_crazy
Ntini & N!xau

Gawky run-up with a bowling that's devoid of variety and movement. Its a pity that these people(there's one more horrible guy called 'Andre Nel') came into the team that once had the "White Lightning".

Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter - Goblet grown ups

Did someone tell me "Harry Potter" is for kids? Nay...You must have the seen the mad crowds hitting the theatres. It is for the teens and the grown ups. And to all those parents of tiny toddlers, "Hanuman" is screened in the next theatre. Potter is growing up and so are the troubles.


Picturising a chartbuster novel is a great challenge. The director faces millions of fans who know every single line of the novel by heart and would expect the movie to faithfully reproduce the book. There can be improvisation but no innovation. There is no room for creativity. But then who would dare to add something to "Harry Potter". The omissions matter more than the inclusions.

In spite of all these, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" has a beautiful screenplay that makes you forget the novel. The balance is just right. The visuals of the god, I would be surprised if it doesn't win the Oscars for Best Visual Effects. I watched the movie in Mayajaal. But now I wonder what an experience it would have been in the RDX screens of Satyam. The stadium of Quiditch world cup, the formation of the Quiditch players, conjouring the dark mark, the flying chariot....the visuals just got better and better. An absolute feast for the eyes.

Mad Eye Moody, Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory are the major new characters. Fred and George have become very tall and handsome. The Indian sisters appear here and there in the movie. Harry's liking for Cho Chang is subtly conveyed in a few scenes. What I liked the most about the movie is that, it keeps you tied to the chair till the very end. There's a nice blend of humour through out. I have a feeling that Harry's friend, Finnigan closely resembles Wayne Rooney!!!!. Does anyone else feel that way.

I would have been more happier if the movie had covered the Quiditch world cup. But then my greed knows no bounds. Go watch the movie whatever be the cost of the ticket. Its certainly worth it. I am fancying a second time at Satyam next week.

P.S. The movie shows Neville giving the gillyweed to Harry before the second task. But I remember reading it was Dobby, the house-elf. I am not sure.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Just a thought

Avan kanavil avaL varuvaaL
Avanai paarthu sirippaaL
AvaL kanavil yaar varuvaar
Yaarai paarthu siripaar??

Budhi uLLa manidhar ellam
Vetri kaanbadhillai....

Some verses live forever.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ada paavigalaa

Yesterday in my office pantry, I was waiting to get my cup of coffee, when a north Indian guy walked inside. He was gently singing some song that certainly did not sound like Tamil. At first, I couldn't hear it properly. But when he came close enough it sounded very familiar to some famous Tamil song. You know what?

"Illaya Nila" from "PayanangaL mudivadhillai". Ada paavigala, adhayum vittu vekkaama kaapi adichitteengala. Illa avan Tamil andha azhagula irukka??

Monday, November 14, 2005

Most Influential Person

I have jumped from my seats with ecstasy while watching superstar's 'Badshah', 'Padayappa', sat spellbound while watching Sachin's extra coverdrives, felt 'Nirvana' listening to Pancharatna Krithis. These have given me the utmost happiness in my life. But when I exclaimed 'koyyaala' on seeing a Ferrari(not PrabhuKrish) in Mount Road, it was clear that more than the superheroes that I have seen and worshipped, it was a humble comedian who had influenced me the most. Strangely enough, I considered it as a compliment when one of ex-colleagues complained that I am sounding like Vadivelu.

At the same time I am not a loner. Countless people, mostly youngsters that I see day in and day out imitate him. Few things that I mentioned at the beginning are certainly impossible for mere mortals. May be that's exactly why people imitate someone who they see as one amongst them. In real life the kaipullas, veerabaagus, pulipaandis, isakkis, sudalais, sonnaans and suna paanas have won over the manickams, aarupadayappans, maduraes and sivakasis.


Although Vadivelu was doing great as early as "Singaravelan" and "Kadhalan", my first impression of him doing a comedy track was "Panjalankurichi", in which he was his trademark "Sonnaan". Sparing the second grade movies that he did with "Kovai Sarala", all his other roles are hilarious ones to see any time. The sincerity he exhibits on the screen is simply great. Watch him in 'Athindhom' and 'Annanoda paattu' if you don't believe me.

What comes to your mind immediately when you think of Dubai? In my case I can only think of 'Thupaai', 'Apithaapi', 'Saarja' and 'Bakirein'. If I consciously count the number of 'kuroop', 'sinna pulla thanama irukku, rascal', 'sangatha kootunga/kalainga', 'adhu pona maasam/vaaram', 'kelambittanyaa/vandhuttaanya', 'I am ur pest priend' that I utter I might overflow a 32-bit unsigned integer (he engineer-la. adhaan chinna udhaar).

With Chinna Kalaivaanar, stepping aside from comedy roles to become a hero, now the stage is all his. Wishing to see more 'Manadhai Tirudi vittaais', 'Winners' and 'Giris' from one of the greatest comedians.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Eating the words

For quite sometime now, I think Lord Saneeswaran has taken abode in my tongue. Because in the recent past, whatever 'udhaar uttufy-ing' I did, I had ended up eating my words.

It all started when I thought I would get settled with the job in Bangalore. I started making fun of other guys by telling
"Aduppu madhiri irukku, indha Chennai-la eppadi dhaan irukkeengalo theriyala".

The height of it was when I started listening Kannada songs from "Jogi". Even Kannadigas used to tell me, it was too much. In the end, I stayed in Chennai itself.

The next 'bulb' was for the company bus. Once I decided to join here, all my friends and family members asked me to take the company bus. For some reason, I detested the thought of going in a company bus. I had a feeling that it was only for ladies and lazybones. So I went to the company by bike. But the recent rains have made the roads like cross-country racetracks that I was forced to take the company bus.

The latest one is my 'udhaar' about the id tags. I hate the kind of tags that are worn around the neck. We used to call them 'naai pattai' in college. So I bought myself an id clip.

Atleast idhulayaavadhu bulb vaangama irukaNum.

"sunaa paanaa, light-a thaan veengi irukku. appadiye continue pannu"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


While scanning through the TV channels yesterday, I found that 'Mohini' too has started acting in soaps. Maybe I found out very late.


Mohini is one of the actresses who missed out in Kollywood. Unfortunately for her, Kushboo was ruling the industry with worshipping fans. However I always had a feeling that Mohini was one of the better looking heroines. Considering the other second string heroines of those times like Suganya, Vinitha, Sangeetha and Sithara she was certainly better.

Regular watchers of Sun Music in the morning would have seen the song "Kaalai kuyilgale" in which Mohini would be very beautiful. Except for "Eeramana Rojave" and "Pudhu Mannargal", I couldn't even recollect any of her movies.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Revelry - rated 'A'

Overheard at a bachelor's party...

1st man : dey. enda enna odhaikkare
2nd man: adhu naan illada
1st man : appa adhu un kaalu dhaane
2nd man: en kaalu illada.(smiles)
1st man : pinna adhukku poyee shoe pottirukka
2nd man: aamam, evvalavu naaL dhaan 'socks' podaradhu, adhu dhaan oru change-kaaga shoe potten

PS: Needless to say that we were rolling on the floor with laughter.
PPS: Both men were married.
PPPS: If you cannot understand please don't ask me

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I am very saree

"It would take us 10 months to save that much", he said
"Okay", she added
"We cannot afford new movies over the weekend"
"Never mind"
"Why don't we take a loan?"
"Why should we? Striving for something and achieving it always sweeter"
"If we start now, we can get it only for Diwali"
"So, lets start right now. I would love you to buy the black one that Sachin rides"
"You mean Victor???"
"I want a pulsar"
"I am content with one male"
"As you wish..."

Time rolled by
"Go to Greams road, TVS showroom. I enquired them. They give more freebies. They have a vehicle ready for delivery. We can register tomorrow"
"All right"
"Dont forget the sareeguard and sidebox. yeee you'll have new bike for diwali.."
"Take Mount road, once you get down the flyover you will see a Fitness one billboard, take a left there"
"I can find my way..."

Two hours later.
"Hiiiiii. Where is the new vehicle? Have you parked outside?"
"Give me the keys..."
"What happened?"
"I took a different route"
"Why? Did you go up Gemini Flyover?"
"Did you take the left after Fitness one billboard"
Revealing a box from behind him he said
"Because before that I saw Jyothika in 50,000 colour silk saree"

Sometimes giving brings more happiness...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Maestro Magic...

Yet another soul stirring melody from Ilaiyaraja in the movie "Kasthurimaan" (the one produced by Meera Jasmine). Tippu and Manjari have added life to this beautiful song.

Lyrics is not all that great but the music score especially the starting bit and the pallavi is brilliant.

Oh shyama varnahane venugaana lolahane
madhu shyama varnahane venugaana lolahane
baja govinda baja krishna hare
baja govinda baja krishna hare, baja re

kekkaliyo kekkaliyo kaNNanadhu gaanam
pookaliyo pookaliyo pookkaL nenjil naaLum
ennai vittu enge ponaalum, indha uLLam mattum
unnai vittu engum pogaadhu

yamunai karayil vandhu vandhu modhum
alai pol ninaivu nenjil vandhu pogum
alaigal ezhundhaal thaangum karai nane
nadhi neer pirindhaal illai indha meene
veyilaal urugi veLLai pani odum
ninaivval urugi uLLam vazhindh odum
ennai paarkaadhe karam serkaadhe
thavikkum thavippai yaarai katti naanum solven

muLLile methai ittu thoongum padi sonnaal
evaraal mudiyum neeyum sollu kaNNa
kaNNanin kaNgaL vidum baanam oru podhum
kaamanin baanam pol unnai varuthaadhu
muLLile thanimai ennai indha naaLil
kottudhe neruppai kodhai endhan mele
mazhai peidhaalum kuLir adithaalum
anal pol kodhikkum aasai konda dhegam rendum

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