Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kana kaanum kaalangal

The place seemed to be like a reception of some software office. There was a large blue coloured triangle on the wall (along the wall and protruding from it)

The blue seemed unattractive. It was not vibrant. It was dull similar to the ones people paint for their bedrooms. Something seemed very strange about that place. There were curtains of the same blue colour hung all around the room.

Then there was a red-coloured ellipse painted on the triangle.

Oh God, this has to be the logo for CUF. Why did they choose this logo amongst all? I remember there were a couple of nice entries. Did they take a vote on this one?

Anyways let me forget all that. The very fact that I am playing with such talented folks is a big achievement for me. So why should I bother if the logo is not good.

Question 1: But why did they put up the logo on the wall and which place is this ?

The scene changes all of a sudden

The place looks like a farmland which has not been cultivated for a long time. Now there is just grass cover. A guy is seen riding a traditional model of Royal Enfield.

Question 2: Someone tell me what place is this?

The scene changes again, the only difference being that I opened my eyes this time.

"Ada kadavule, alarm vekkalaye. Time enna aacho theriyalaye. "

I turn around and see the window. It is still dark outside.

"Hmmm. mani 5.30 irukkum pola. Ellarum vandhu iruppaanga. Late-a ponaa vettiya ukkaara vendi irukkumey. Avangaley edho punniyathukku nammala vilayaatula sethukkaraanga. "

I frantically get up and search for my mobile. And as usual it was not in the place where I was looking for.

"Innikku seekiram poyee flat-a throw podaradha ellam practice pannalaam-nu nenachomey.... hmm... ippadi kevala pattu poradhey namma pozhappa pochu"

Found the mobile at last and pressed some random key. The screen came to life and showed 03:43

"Nalla velai. Ippo atleast alarm vechiduvom"

I set the alarm to 4:45 and went back to bed. But by this time the sleep was already gone and my mind started mulling over Question 1 and Question 2.

"Ada... kanavula ellam ennikki logic irundhu irukku. Idhula ellam time waste pannikittu. Sari ippo time enna aachunu paapom. Konja neramaavadhu thoongalaam"

It was 4:30 already. Then what?

I got up and went to Besant Nagar. Personally didn't feel very satisfied, because I was sloppy (even by my standards) and missed a couple of points.

One thing I realised is, that I should play well (by my standards) on sunday. Else it is going to haunt me for the rest of the week.

Monday, October 01, 2007

THC 9033

Its been ages since I solved the full grid of The Hindu crossword and I somehow managed to do it today with the help of Wordweb and little bit of Googling.

Then I got this urge to write a post on how I solved them for anybody who feels lost like me at times.


1 Article in season: “Careful With Money” (7) - SP(A)RING
Season is SPRING and article is A. 'in' is an indicator for inserting A into SPRING

5 Apathy that was Proust’s undoing (6) - STUPOR
STUPOR is an anagram of Proust
'undoing' is anagram indicator

11 Stingy drunk (5) - TIGHT (double definition clue)
Both 'stingy' as well as 'drunk' have the same meaning - TIGHT

12 Tots rally around an improbable tale (4,5) - TALL STORY
Anagram of 'Tots rally'. 'rally around' is the anagram indicator

13 But such an organisation need not necessarily make a loss (3-6) - NON-PROFIT
Direct clue

14 Hunger for a bit of risotto in the grotto (5) - C(R)AVE
'grotto' - CAVE
' a bit of risotto' is R
'in' - indicator for inserting R in CAVE

15 Kiss, one that may transport one? Yes, we hear (4) - BUS S
Kiss means BUSS
'one that may transport' - BUS
'yes, we hear' - indicator for S

17 Adulation that Indian heroes enjoy? (7) - WORSHIP or GODSHIP

21 Rock that gave its name to the Hoover Dam (7)- BOULDER (Double definition clue)
'Rock' means BOULDER
'Hoover Dam' also is known as BOULDER DAM

22 Kumble’s source for indigo (4) - ANIL

26 Scene of action needing some care naturally (5) - ARENA
Telescopic clue. The answer is present in 'c arena turally'

27 Pearl, my ex, has turned worthy of imitation (9) - EXEMPLARY
Anagram of 'pearl my ex'.
'turned' is anagram indicator

29 A noggin is spilt, causing anguish (9) - AGONISING
Anagram of 'A noggin is'
'split' is anagram indicator

30 Angry buccaneer who lost his head (5) - IRATE
'buccaneer' means PIRATE
'lost his head' indicates removal of first letter

31 Medicine that can do the job when swallowed by an abstainer (6) - T ABLE T
abstainer - teetotaller - TT
'can do the job' - ABLE
'swallowed' indicates that ABLE should be inserted in TT

32 Poirot was one (7) - BELGIAN
Based on Agatha Christie's character Poirot, who was a Belgian detective


2 Heathen father on a rearing horse (5) - PA GAN
'father' - PA
'horse' - NAG
'rearing' indicates reversing of NAG

3 Sharp reply about a legal wrong (6) - RE TORT
TORT - wrong doing

4 Tell Tony if in trouble (6) - NOTIFY
Anagram of 'Tony if'
'trouble' - anagram indicator

6 Try a suit that may serve as a precedent (4,4) - TEST CASE
'Try' - TEST
'suit' - CASE

7 Trial period for a professional (9) - PRO BAT I ON
'professional' - PRO
'batsman' - BAT
number - I
on - ON

8 What chime does with time (6) - RHYMES

9 He has to be ready to fill in another’s part (5-2) - STAND BY

10 A plan too involved for the military unit (7) - PLATOON
Anagram of ' a plan too'

16 Cigarette, a big flop as a riot control aid (5,4) - SMOKE BOMB
'Cigarette' - SMOKE
'a big flop' is BOMB

18 Feel a bit funny? That’s a trifling discomfort (8) - FLEABITE
Anagram of 'feel a bit'
'funny' - anagram indicator

19 It deserves censure in an academe ritual (7) - DEMERIT (Telescopic clue)
The answer lies in 'aca deme rit ual'

20 Tiny tot’s sports arena (7) - PLAYPEN

23 Rock that may cause a blast unexpectedly (6) - BASALT
Anagram of 'a blast'

24 Hound a black bird (6) - B EAGLE
BEAGLE is a kind of hound
'black' - B
'eagle' - EAGLE

25 A jump in season (6) - SPRING (Double definition clue)
'jump' - SPRING
'season' - SPRING

28 The position of the lotus, for instance (5) - ASANA
Related to yoga positions

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