Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Groovy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I wonder why???

Enakku romba naaLa oru doubt irukku

Cinema-la villainoda aatkaL hero-va chase pannum bodhu, avanga vechi irukka aruva, uruttu kattai ellam vandiyoda window vazhiya veLiya vittu suthikitte poraangaLe....why? (take "Ghilli" for instance)

yaarukkavadhu theriyuma????

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Terror city

Even before the people came out of the shock of the murder of a call center employee, there is this firing incident in IISC.

My God...What's happening to Bangalore??? We give Z-class security to unscrupulous MPs accepting cash for asking questions in Parliament, but cannot protect a professor from IIT. Shame on us.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy B'day

Today happens to be the birthday of my classmate and close friend Srivathsan.

Wish you a very happy b'day. Have a great year ahead.

We have lots in common.....our interest in movies to Vaishnavism, Formula 1 to carnatic music, even the birth star. Probably that explains our friendship.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Weekend Darshan - 6

This weekend the rain gods were kind enough and we cashed in on the opportunity to visit the Nadu Naatu Thirupathis, Thirukoviloor and Thiruvaheendrapuram.

Our first stop was at Thirukoviloor on Sunday morning. The UlagaLandha PerumaL temple here seems to have witnessed many centuries and the distinct differences found in the architecture of the temple suggest that this temple was built by different kings over a period of time.

Thirukoviloor Temple

This temple finds an important place in the map of Vaishnavism as the Naalayira Divya Prabandham was explained to the world from here. Thirukoviloor 35kms from both Villupuram and Thiruvannamalai. The best possible route at this point of time seems to be from Villupuram.

Our next destination being Thiruvaheendrapuram near Cuddalore, we headed towards Villupuram. Along the Villupuram - Panrutti - Cuddalore road, we came across a Narasimhar temple at a place called Poovarasankuppam.

It is a small village, which is 20 minutes drive off the main road. The Lakshmi Narasimhar temple here dates back to the 7th century. This temple has been receiving a lot of publicity in the recent times and it is evident from the crowds even at 12 noon. There's a note here that claims this temple to be one of the eight Narasimhar temples in South India. The other seven are located at Singirikudi, Andhili, Prikkal, Sholingar, Namakkal, Singaperumal Koil and Sinthalavaadi.

Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple

Thiruvaheendrapuram is off the Cuddalore-Panrutti highway. Like Tiruneermalai in Chennai, this divyadesam also includes two temples. Hayagreevar temple on top of a small hill and Devanatha PerumaL temple at its foot. With tamarind trees sprinkled here and there on the hill, a small stream flowing at the back of the temple and the evening sun gleaming on its waters it was a beautiful place for us to spend an hour while we waited for the temple to open.

Stream behind the temple

There are a lot of interesting stories associated with these two divyaesams. That there is a well built by Sri Vedanta Desikar at this place is one of the stories I heard from a native.

Yet another thing that I learnt from this trip was that there a lot of divyadesams in a negligent state. Some do not even have the Thirumangalyam for Thayaar and some do not have enough funds to light the deepam. I found this link when I googled in this regard. Please follow the link if you are willing to contribute to such temples.

I feel that these divyadesams are storehouses of history and spiritualism which we should preserve to posterity.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mannaru Mannan - The End

Meanwhile the education minister calls Snake-a's house. Snake-a's father Sisu attends the phone.

Snake-a: Yaaru pa phone-la.
Sisu: Education minister phone panni irundhaaru. Ganguly omission-ku appuram parliament-la indha matter-a pathi thaan ellarum pesaraangalaam.
Snake-a: Adhanaala...
Sisu: Innum 2 mani nerathula, nee indha pasangaLa thirumba allow pannalai-na, government namma college-a take over pannidumaam.
Snake-a: Eppadi panraanga-nu paakaren. Naan pasangaLa allow panna maatten.
Sisu: En college-a government eduthukka naan vida matten. Enga thaatha school vechi koLLai adichaar, enga appa tuition centre vechi koLLai adichaar, naan engineering college katti koLLai adichikittu irukken. Nee padicha ponnaache-nu HOD aakinen. Aana adhukkaaga college-a vida matten.
Snake-a: Appa enna solreenga
Sisu: Inga paaru ma. Enakku 54 vayasu aachu. Naan clear panradhukke innum 3 arrear irukku. Appadi irukkum bodhu indha chinna pasangaLa arrear vekka koodadhu-nu nee eppadi sollalaam. Nee un purushana thokka adikkaradhukkaaga ellarayum pazhi vaanguradhu nalladhu illa.

Sisu gives fruit juice to Sombu and ends the fast. Meanwhile Snake-a enters a state of shock and breaks all the doors and windows of the house shouting "Naan thothutten". Sombu enters the house and slaps Snake-a

Sombu: Chumma thothutten, thothutten-nu kathariye. Nee yaar kitta thothae. Petha appa kitta thothae, kattine purushan kitta thothae. Idhellam oru tholviyaa?
Snake-a: Pinna edhu tholvi???
Sombu: Unga appa nee panradhu pidikkaama nethikke indha college-a en perukku ezhudhi vechittaru. Adhu dhaan tholvi.
Snake-a: Ada paavi
Sombu: Padippula zero, uzhaipula zero, azhagula zero, department-la zero...aana vaazhkaila nee endha number theriyuma...
(Sombu puts a soduku and draws a big 9 in the air with his forefinger)
Sombu: Andha Mech HOD, indha veeta koLutha vandhukittu irukkaan. Ellarum erinji saavunga. Enakkaga Busboo cell phone charger vecha blouse pottukittu kaathu kittu irukka. Naan poyee ava kooda settle aaga poren.

Sombu walks away....(The end)

I knew this was a bit lengthy. But this is how we made the movie in college. And the entire movie sparing a few scenes was completed during a train journey from home to college.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mannaru Mannan - VI

Snake-a makes a last desparate attempt to beat Sombu. The next morning she makes the following announcement.

Snake-a: Dear students...Neenga ellam neraya arrears vechu kashtapadareenga. Adhanaala ungaLukku help panna naan oru pudhu scheme kondu vandhu irukken. Adhu padi 10 arrears mela irukkavanga yaarum current semester attend panna vendam. Avanga arrears ellam clear panna appuram, current semester-ku appear aagalaam.

The students are enraged by this announcement.

Koyyapuri: Arrears vekkaradhu oru thappa? adhukku poyee sem-drop panradhu romba too much
Sombu: Idha naama ippadiye vida koodadhu.
Koyyapuri: Ennappa..strike panna poromaa. hiiii, jolly
Sombu: Illa...HOD veetu vaasal-la unnaa viradham irukka porom
Koyyapuri: Aiyyayyo...Indha viLayaatukku naan varala.
Sombu: Ellarum porom...

All the students under the leadership of Sombu, indulge in fasting opposite to Snake-a's house.

Koyyapuri: Indha naai-nga 10 arrears-ku appuram degree vaanguna enna, vaangaatti enna. amma...pasi thaanga mudiyalai-da saami.
Sombu: Chumma iru. anga paaru MOON tv crew varaanga.
Koyyapuri: Sir, idhu nivaraana nidhi kudukkara edam illa sir. neenga thappa vandhutteenga.

MOON TV: unga kuraigaLa theerka Thamizhaga Arasu endha muyarchiyum seyyalaye. Adha pathi neenga enna solla virumbareenga.
Koyyapuri: Dey..naadhari..indha pasanga ellam padikkama ooru suthi arrears vecha adhukku government ennada pannum. pudusa edavadhu keLvi keLungadaa.
MOON TV: Indha unnaa viradhathukku dhaarmeega poruppu eduthukkittu CM resign pannanumaa.
Koyyapuri: Dey...naangaLe pasi-la irukkom. unna kadichi konnuduvom.

MOON TV: OK sir. unga wife neenga eppodhume avangaLa vida oru number appuram thaan solli irukkaangaLe. adhu pathi enna solreenga.
Sombu: Aamam.
MOON TV: Appa avanga number one, neenga number two-va.
Sombu: Aamam
MOON TV: Ok sir, naanga varom
Sombu: One second. avanga one-na naan number two. naan number ten-na avanga enna number.
MOON TV: Number nine
Sombu: Unga kitta vandhu yaaravadhu ungaLukku ombodhu(9) venuma, illa pathu(10) venumaanu ketta neenga enna solveenga
MOON TV: Paththu(10) thaan venumnu solven
Sombu: Appa ombodhu perusaa...illa pathu perusaa
MOON TV: Paththu thaan perusu.
Sombu: Appa naan thaan periyavan...poyittu vaanga

To be completed in the next episode

Monday, December 19, 2005

Is Chennai safer?

In the wake of recent tragedy in Bangalore, I feel that Chennai might be a bit safer. One of the fellow bloggers from Bangalore who is currently in Chennai on an assinment also feels so.

She says that during her late night trips back home, her colleagues call her after sometime to find out if she has reached home safely. Moreover when she is the only passenger in the cab, they call her on her mobile and keep talking with her until she reaches home. The concern which people here have over their colleagues, seems to be missing in Bangalore.

Whatever rules we enforce and background checks we do, I feel that we are the best ones to save ourselves in such situations. And these are the small ways by which we can ensure our colleagues and friends are safe. Most of the companies have closed user groups. So a phone call shouldn't be hurting the wallet either.

Mannaru Mannan - V

Read Part IV here.

One day, Snake-a comes to Electronics Lab where Sombu is doing practicals. She goes to sit on a chair. But there is an Op-amp IC on the chair kept upside down. Sombu sees that and within a flash keeps his hand on top of the IC and Snake-a sits on his hand. Sombu's hand is bleeding but Snake-a mistakes Sombu and slaps him.

Sombu walks to her room, kicks the door open and enters inside. He pokes the IC into her hands and says.
Sombu: Nalla valikkudha?? Nee mattum idhu mela ukkaandhu irundhai-na oru vaarathukku kuppura thaan paduthu irukkanum. Adhu theriyaama nee enna adichitte. PombaLai-nna adipattavudane saree-ya kizhichi kattu podanum, ippadi kai neetti adikka koodadhu. Inga nadandhadha veLiya solladha, unakku thaan asingam.

Snake-a feels that Sombu has defeated here. She decides that the only way to defeat him is to marry him and make him her slave. So she sends her father and emotinally blackmails Sombu's mother and marries him.

One day, Snake-a was about to inagurate a new Computer lab for the department.

Snake-a: I am happy to inagurate the new lab. Turn on the computers
Sombu: One second Ma'am.
Snake-a: Nee prachanai panradhukkunne vandhu irukka.
Sombu: Prachanai naan pannala ma'am. Unga computer-la dhaan prachanai irukku.
Snake-a: Enna solra.
Sombu: Ungalukku computer-la chat panna mattum thaan theriyum. Aana students engaLukku thaan adha vechu college-laye games viLayaada theriyum.
Snake-a: adhukku enna...
Sombu: Idhu ellam Pentium 4-nu neenga nenaikareenga. Aana idhula endha processor-kum fans kedayaadhu
Snake-a: Unakku kooda thaan fans-ey kedayaadhu
Sombu: Indha mouse-la edhulayum mouse ball kedayadhu. Adhukku badhilaa adhula "daama goli" thaan irukku. Idha vechi click panna mudiyaadhu, namma mousepad-la koadu thaan podalaam. Adhuvum illaama indha computer ellam 10 naaL assembling centre-la irunduchunnu solraanga. Aana anga adhu 5 naaL dhaan irundhuchu. Meedhi 5 naaL enga irundhuchu-nu naan solren.

Sombu hits the Manager, he takes the power cord from the nearby smps and takes it to the Manager's mouth.
Manager: Ayya, enna vittudunga. naan sollidaren. Idhu ellam Mechanical dept HOD PEPSI Ajayan room-la irundhuchu.

In a fist of anger Snake-a rushes to Mechanical dept and hits Kosupathi, HOD's son. Kosupathi and his men try to ravish her. At that time Sombu comes in and says that she has AIDS, so they run away. Once again Sombu gets the better of Snake-a.

To be continued...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mannaru Mannan - IV

Read Part III here

Sombu pays full cash and gets a seat in college. He befriends Koyyapuri, his classmate and soon becomes the Class Rep. One day.....

Koyyapuri: Innikku namma Jothi theatre-la Namitha nadichaa "Appadina Enna" padathaoda 200th day-da
Sombu: Adhukku enna. andha padathoda VCD-ye en kitta irukku.
Koyyapuri: Innikku first 2 tickets vaangaravangaLukku andha padathula Namitha use pannina towel-um, soap-um tharaangalaam.
Sombu: Appadiyaa. Naama eppadiyaavadhu poyidalaam

Both of them go to Snake-a
Sombu: Ma'am, naanga rendu perum IIT-la oru symposium ku porom. Adhanaala innikku attendance venum
Snake-a: Adhellam mudiyaadhu
Koyyapuri: Ma'am andha debugging contest-ku prepare panni panni en thalai ellam "Bug"-a irukku.
Sombu: Please ma'am
Snake-a: Poyee tholainga...

After great struggle Sombu and Koyyapuri get the first 2 tickets.
Sombu: Soap vaangi ennada pannuva..
Koyyapuri: Badhirama vechukkuven. Ada yaarupa soap ellam pottu asingamaa kuLichikkittu

An announcement that "A famous professor would distribute the prizes" is made
Koyyapuri: Naattula indha professor-nga thollai thaanga mudiyalai. Maadu meychavan, saarayam kaacharavan ellam professor aayidaraan.

The professor is none other than Snake-a. Both Sombu and Koyyapuri get on the stage shivering with fear. Seeing Snake-a both of them cry..
Snake-a: Shooooooo.
Sombu: Innikku "Workshop" kedayaadhu. adhanaala shoe podaleenga.
Snake-a: Cha..chumma iru
Koyyapuri: Neenga indha madhiri padam ellam kooda paappeengaLaa??? Solli irundha unga car-laye
vandhu irukkalaam.
Snake-a: Shut up. Naane market poyidumonnu kavalai-yaa irukken.
Sombu: EngaLukku soap-um, bucket-um vendaam. NeengaLe vechukunga. Aana engaLa dismiss pannadheenga
Snake-a: OK. Aana naan inga vandhadha endha pathirikkai kittayum pottu kudukkaadheenga.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Heard this song after a long long time in Radio Mirchi last night. I should thank my dad who asked me to drop him in Koyambedu, otherwise I wouldn't have turned on the radio in home. Absolute bliss. If you wanna feel anything close to nirvana, this song will not let you down.

At the same time it makes me regret my decision to drop out of music classes in my boyhood. I didn't want to sacrifice my playtime to learn music then. And now I am just a dumb guy searching for zeroes and ones across the web to feed my soul. When music can add so much colour to life, why can it not made a subject in school like Mathematics. Atleast we would have learnt something out of compulsion till we ourselves realised the worth of it.

Movie Name: Karnan
Singer: Susheela P
Music Director: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy
Lyrics: Kannadasan

kangaL engae...nenjamum engae...kandapoadhae senRana angae...
kangaL engae nenjamum engae kandapoadhae senRana angae
kaalgaL ingae neliyum ingae (2)
kaavalinri vandhana ingae aaa...


mani konda karamonRu anal kondu vedikkum anal kondu vedikkum (2)
malar poanRa idhazhinRu pani kondu thudikkum (2)
thunai kolla avaninrith thaniyaaga nadikkum
thuyilaadha penmaikku aenindha mayakkam aaa...


inamenna kulamenna gunamenna aRiyaen gunamenna aRiyaen
eedonrum kaeLaamal enaiyangu koduththaen
kodai konda madhayaanai uyir kondu nadandhaan
kurai konda udaloadu naaningu melindhaen aaa...


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Start Camera...Action

Shooting starts today. So does another feverish count down...


Thalaiva...After seeing your charisma, I can't wait to see you in Silver screen...

"Rajini" Balaji

Monday, December 12, 2005

A new Orkut Community

All those fans of Cheran please stop here, you may not appreciate what follows.I respect your taste and feelings so please do not proceed further and later on crib in the Comments section.

We have started an Orkut community for all those who feel "Autograph" was only senti-mental, and who hate to even see the poster of his new release"Thavamaai Thavamirundhu". I heard it is a mega-serial.

We hate him not because of his subtle subjects and his sentiments but for the overdose of them and some unrealistic unacceptable crap scenes like the one where Sneha keeps the mortal remains of her mother locked in her house for two days in "Autograph".

"Vetrikodikattu" and "Desiyageedham" are a few good ones from him. I dont know why he changed gears after that.

Anyhow, all those who share our thoughts can click here

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy B'day

Wishing a super b'day to SuperStar "Shivaji" Rao Gaekwad (a.k.a) Rajinikanth.


P.S. Today is also the b'day of our 'Sheik'speare Somu. Have a great day dude.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Aaru - Super Sixer

Frankly speaking, I don't feel like writing a review for "Aaru". May be Srivathsan would.


Would you need any clues as to what I would say, after I braved the horrendous stretch of 20kms from Sholinganallur to Chrompet Vetri theatre in pitch black darkness with the Fanooz and some blinding drizzle trying to slide the two wheeler sideways, just to watch the movie and felt so ecstatic after watching it that I sang "Maddy Maddy" at the rains that lashed my specs on the way back home.

The icing on the cake was waiting for me in the form of Aamir Khan's interview in NDTV when I reached home. What a way to start a weekend!!

I knew it was worth it, when I saw the trailer itself. In the midst of a few actors who merely substitute themselves as "x" or "y" in (box_office_hit=x+y) kinda movies, Surya has once again proved that he can do any role to perfection.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weird but true

You happen to see two girls. One appears ravishing and the other looks quite ordinary (not bad looking) to you. In the beginning the good looking girl grabs your attention and the other girl doesn't quite disturb you at all. But as time goes by the good looking girl starts appearing somewhat ordinary and the other girl starts appearing good and you tend to look at her the next time all three happen to be at the same place.

They might still be the same as what they were when you first saw them. But your perception about them has changed.

This might seem quite strange but it has happened to me some two or three times. I am still at a loss to understand how an ordinary looking girl can start appearing beautiful.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh no! Not again

Read the alarming news in NDTV.

Aandava Chennai-ya kaappathuppa...

Kudukkara deivam kooraya pichikkittu kodukkum-nu solvaanga

Aana idhukku melayum puyal adichu mazhai peynja
Chennai-la pikkaradhukku koorai kooda illappa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mannaru Mannan - III

Part III

Read Part II here...

Sisu: Kannaaa..Enna kappathinadhukku romba thanks pa. Nee yaaru..enna panre..
Sombu: Ayya en peru, Vethu-nga. Naan ABC Engg college-la oru seat vaangalaam-nu poikittu irundhen. Appa thaan indha 2 peru ungaLa adikka varadha paathen. ungaLa kaapatha vandhadhula application kudukkara time mudinju pochu..
Sisu: Idhukku poyee feel pannalaama.
Sombu: seat ponadhukku enakku thaane. Naan 10 lakhs
(Meanwhile Sisu searches his pocket, takes out a Pallavan Bus ticket, scribles something at the back)
Sisu: Indha chit-a kondu poyee, andha HOD kitta kudu
Sombu: UngaLukku avangaLa theriyumaa sir..
Sisu: Nee kondu poyee kuduthu paaren.

Sombu takes his Bajaj M80 and goes to the college in "Kuthu" movie getup.

ABC Engg College. ECE dept...Sombu meets the HOD Snake-a

Snake-a: Yaar nee???
Sombu: Naan Vendhan tutorials-la 12th pass panni irukken. Enakku unga department-la oru seat venum
Snake-a: Admission time mudinji pochu. Adhuvum illama 95% illadha vangaLukku naanga seat tharadhu illai.Appa thaan ennoda department Number Zero-vaa irukka mudiyum
Sombu: Indha chit-a paarunga. Idha vechukkittu seat kudunga..
Snake-a: Dei naadhari. idhu ennanu theriyumaa da??? Idha kondu poyee, Pallavan bus-la yeru..avanga seat kuduppaanga. Oru bus ticket vechukkittu Engineering seat kekkariye, unakku enna thimiru daa. chee..poda veLiye.

Dejected Sombu rides his M80 slowly on his way back home. Sisu meets him again...
Sisu: Seat kedachudhaa pa.
Sombu: Nalla odhai dhaan kedachudhu...
Sisu: Enna aachu...
Sombu: Nee edho oru ticket-a en kitta neetta, naan adha kondu poyee college-la kaatta, avanga kaduppaagi enna viratta, en friends enna otta, sogathula naan dhum katta...
Sisu: Niruthu pa...spoof-ku ivvaLavu rhyming podhum. Andha bus ticket pinnaadi nee 10 lakhs tharuva-nu code word-la ezhudhi irundhen. Naan dhaan andha college-oda principal.
Sombu: Naasama poga...idha mudhalla solradhu dhaane.
Sisu: NaaLaikku full cash eduthuttu poyidu...

Next day Sombu decides to go by bus and gets into one...Busboo, Snake-a's assistant also gets in the bus with one of her famous designer blouse. Halfway through their journey, the bus suddenly gets into one of the potholes caused by last weeks rains. In that unexpected jerk, the conductor swallows the whistle.
Passenger 1: Ayyayo conductor whistle-a muzhungittare????
Passenger 2: conductor sollaama, driver bus edukka mattare...ippa enna panna
Passenger 3: Enakku exam irukku...ayyo ippadi aayiduche.
Sombu: Kavalai padaadheenga.

He rings one of the bells tied to the back of Busboo's designer blouse. (Blouse pinnadi Kadhavu, jannal ellam vekkum bodhu, mani katta koodadha) The driver starts the bus. Seeing Sombu's presence of mind, Busboo develops a soft corner for him. Seeing the handy tools that Busboo's costume has, Sombu falls in love with her.

To be continued

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kanda NaaL Mudhal

There's a world of difference between how men and women feel and express emotions and love. This is very evident from Prakash Raj's "Kanda NaaL Mudhal" directed by Priya.V. I might sound chauvinistic, but I wonder how a male director would have handled this plot.


Prasanna is the hero (as per Tamil movie logic he wins the heroine, Laila), while Karthik Kumar once again plays the loser.

The theme is quite an old one. Its about how two people who hate each other, fall in love, go through the motions and end in wedlock.In fact its comparable to Prakash Raj's previous movie, "Azhagiya theeye". In that it was an accidental marriage that lead to love, whereas in this movie it is a cancelled marriage that unites the lead pair. Poorly sketched characters have ruined what could have been a good entertainer.

Its surprising to see Maniratnam's assistant completely ignore some of the crucial aspects. Except for the "Alaipayuthe" title font she seems to have learnt nothing from her mentor. Neither the initial scene where kutty Prasanna and kutty Laila hate each other, nor the scences where they fall in love were convincingly portrayed. Characters lacked the depth to get the audience involved in the movie.I felt as though I was watching a dinner time mega serial in the first half of the movie until the twist before interval.

Prasanna does a good job in the lead role. He looks much improved from "Azhagiya theeye" both in looks and performance. Laila is as good as the movie. Karthik Kumar irritates in the few scenes that he appears with plastic expressionless face. Reminds me of the joker role he did in "Alaipayuthe". I am a great fan of his plays at Evam, but somehow he doesn't fit well in the silver screen. He plays a business man settled in US. But his accent and dialogue delivery are intolerable. Especially his "wow" in the place of "woooww!!!". Is he imitating a bull dog????? Two of the versatile actresses, Lakshmi and Revathi have been wasted in mundane roles.

The director looks lost at many places in the movie, like the one where the heroine's father complains about his hearing aid, when his wife's had a heart attack or the one where the hero would tell the heroine that her sister eloped because she was preganant, or the one where the hero and heroine go to the limits of egoistic stupidity trying to conceal their love.

IMO, sparing a few scenes here and there, the movie lacked substance. It is certainly not in the league of 3rd rated movies, but has a lot of loopholes to be a good one. Most of the scenes and expressions seemed artificial to me. I want to know how the women audience feel about this movie.

P.S.1 The only thing that made me happy was the "Aaru" trailer during interval.
P.S.2 Guys, If you want to see movies by lady directors watch Mira Nair, Deepa Mehta

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rain rain go away

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Little Sachin wants to play

Rain rain go to Spain
Do not spoil cricket again....

Indha mazhaikku enna gaandu. Chennai-la yaaravdhu kuchi-ya nattutta podhum...enga irundhavadhu odi vandhududhu

Mannaru Mannan - II

This project started off at a brisk pace, but suddenly lost momentum because of some personal work. Now I am dusting the story and bringing it back to you.

For total fun please read the synopsis and Part I before you proceed to Part II .

Part II

Sisu is walking alongside a TASMAC shop. And some of the 'kudimagans' recognise him.

kudimagan 1 - Dey avan dhaane da, "Siruttai arangam Kosu"
kudimagan 2 - Ennada solra.- Unakku quarter ulla pona, matter ellam thalai keezh aayidume. Adhu "Siruttai Arangam Kosu" kedayaadhu da, "Korattai arangam Sisu"
kudimagan 1 - Edho onnu. En kudumbam pirinjadhukku kaaraname avan dhaanda.
kudimagan 2 - Ennada solra.

kudimagan 1 - Oru padathula, oru kudikaaranoda pondattiya indha aaLu veetula kondu poi oLichi vechuppaan. Andha kudikaaranum thirundhiduvaan. Andha padatha paathuttu en pondatti avan kitta poyee idea ketturikka.
kudimagan 2 - Apparam enna aachu
kudimagan 1 - adhukku indha aaLu, "enga vettula oLinjikkannu" solli oLichi vechirukkan.
kudimagan 2 - sari, oLichi dhaane vechirukkaan
kudimagan 1 - Naanum appadi thaan nenachen. Appuram thaan enakku therinjudhu, indha aaLu first avaLa oLichirukkaan, appuram vechikkittu irukkaan-nu. Avana enna panren paaru

Both the kudimagans jump to the road and surround Sisu.

Sisu: Kannaa...naan vayasaanavan pa..edhukku enna suthara???
Kudimagan 1 - Edhuvum pesadha. naan tension-a irukken...
Sisu: Kannaa...Unakku thanni mela 'addiction',
Enakku kedaikala innum 'pension'
mothathula namma rendu perukkume 'tension'
Kudimagan 2 - Dei mokkai podaraan da. Avane thaanda ivan. Thookkudaaa....

Kudimagan 2 hits Sisu. Sisu falls to the ground and gets hurt in his head.Just then our hero Sombu arrives in the scene.

Sombu - Dey...Enda indha periyavara adikkireenga
Kudimagan 1 - Avan enna pannaan theriyumaa.....
Sombu - Ellathayum naan kettuttu thaan irundhen. Avar-a nee adikkiradhukku munnadi, oru nimisham yosuchi paakkanum
Kudimagan 2 - Enna yosuchi pakkanum
Sombu - Avaroda position-a
Kudimagan 1 - Enna position-a
Sombu - Dei...Indha vadivelu madhiri "Enna kayya pudichi izhuthiyaa", kadhai ellam inga venaam
Kudimagan 1 - ??????
Sombu - Avar unnoda pondaatti-ya pick up pannittaarunnu thaane feel panre. avar pondaatti yaarunnu unakku theriyuma?? therinjaa nee ippadi pesa maatta...Andha mahaan kalyanam pannittu irukkaradhu vera yaarayum illa...Kamala kamesh-a da. Kamala kamesh-a....(in a senti tone). Indha position-la yaarayirundhaalum ippadi thaane seyvaanga.

Kudimagan 1 - Saami neenga deivamga. Naan thaan thappu pannitten . Enna mannichidunga
Kudimagan 2 -Ayyaaa ennayum mannichidunga...

Both of them run away.Sisu smiles at Sombu.....

To be continued.....

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