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Only place where people come in cars to ride a cycle...


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weekend Darshan - 9

Over the weekend, we wanted to go somewhere nearby Chennai and came to know about this place called Madambakkam. It is oddly 5-10 kms from Tambaram. (Forgetful me, did not notice the exact distance)

There is an old temple belonging to the Chola period, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The lord is referred as "Thenapureeswarar" here. We were completely taken aback by the serene ambience in that place. It is a calm and peaceful place to visit in the morning. The temple has undergone renovation over the years and we can observe the concrete ceilings and painted walls, which have marred the originality of the otherwise beautiful temple.

A few interesting observations about this place

- Although the history and the external architecture(with 'kumudam' and 'jagadhi') point to the Cholas, the inner walls of the sanctum sanctorum is semicircular in the rear side, reminding me some of the Pallava temples in Kanchipuram.

- Among the inscriptions found on the south side wall of the sanctum sanctorum, we found the name "Sundara Pandian". This is the first time in our limited experience that we find a non-Chola name in a Chola temple.

- There is deity of five headed Hanuman on one of the pillars. We could see more images of Lord Vishnu depicted as baby Krishna, as Ranganthar in this temple. Also there is a deity of Sarabeshwarar in this temple.

Here are some pics of Madambakkam

Outer wall at Madamabakkam


Here's the history

Historic details about the temple can be found here...

From there we went to a place called Tirukachur, which is 5 kms off NH 45 from Singaperumal Koil near Chengalpet. There a couple of temples again belonging to Chola period. More about this place is available in Ferrari's blog here

Something amusing was waiting for us here too. On one side of the walls, we found an image of two fishes facing each other. Fish being a symbol of Pandyas, we couldn't quite guess the reason, why it was there. May be it was inscribed much later???

Fishes facing each other

The difference in archiectural style can be well observed by comparing these two images of Lord Subramaniam

Dsc01574 Dsc01588
Madambakkam & Tirukachur

Until now I didnt know that there were such good places around Chennai

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Overtaking tips

For all those bachelors, who have a tough time riding their two wheelers along the crowded roads of Chennai, here are a few tips while overtaking that can make your ride a bit entertaining.

- Overtake autorickshaws from the right hand side. Because our guys get very chivalrous with gals and always allow them to sit inside.

- Overtake MTC buses from the left hand side. Majority of the buses still have ladies section in the left hand side.

- While overtaking other two wheelers, see to that your speed is only slightly higher than the other. You cannot notice much if you race ahead.

- While overtaking scootys, make sure that you are on the wider side of the road and make good use of the rear view mirror. Do not squeeze them into corners, its a universal truth that women are poor drivers.

- While overtaking two wheelers with a pillion rider, assess the side based on the seating position of the pillion rider. If she sits with both her legs on one side, then overtake from the left hand side.

- In case the pillion rider sits in the normal position then the situation gets a bit tricky. The usual tendency of the pillion riders is to peer over the right shoulder of the rider. But some, when engaged in a conversation with the rider, might as well look over the left shoulder. So decide your side accordingly.

- And sadly nowadays there is a new trend emerging. Pillion riders cover their entire face with their duppattas and bury themselves behind the rider's back. In that case, just concentrate on the road and search for the next vehicle.

- In the case of car, the sides do not matter much as you cannot get a clear view anyway. If you feel that a car might be worth a watch, the best bet is to stand in front of that car in the next signal and peep in the rear view mirror.

- When you stand in a signal, unless you are in a hurry just stand behind the last vehicle. Most of the girls do not take the pains to reach the front row.

- For all other vehicles and trucks, better move away and let them go.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the rider to use these tips judiciously, without hurting himself or others. This post cannot be held responsible for any untoward incidents.

Happy riding ;p

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Some of the most celebrated and my favourite dialogues from Superstar's Thalapathi. IMO, this was the movie that took Rajini to the heights, that Kamal can never catch up in terms of stardom. This might be the umpteenth post about "Thalapthi" in the blogosphere... but writing about it is simply irresistible

Surya forcefully gets the bangle from Subbulakshmi, donates his blood and gives the money to the father of an ailing lady. The father thankfully cries...

Surya: Azhadheenga, verum panam...
Surya returns Subbulakshmi's bangle, and she refuses to take it and asks him to give that bangle to the sick lady.
Surya: Inga paru. Yarukkavadhu nalladhu seyyanum-nu nenachainaa...adha un kayyaala sei

(I think this was Rajini's own opinion rather than the charachter Surya. But it gelled well with the movie)
First scene where Surya meets Deva on the bridge

Surya: Devarajan....Enna pannuva...Un aaLungaLa vittu enna konnuduva illa? En uyir poradhukku munnaala inga 10 uyir pogum...Un Ramana enna pannaan-nu kelu...Nyaayam-nu onnu irukku
And this is the best of them all...Surya gets released from the jail.

Surya: Yen???
Ramadurai: Deva...

If someone can convey so much in two words, it can be none other than Maniratnam.
Surya rejects Karivardhan's invitation to join him.

Deva: Naan unakku enna pannitten?
Surya: Ada adha vidu Deva...adha poyee perusu pannikittu
Deva: "Un Surya-va vittuttu vaa...naan unna indha oorilaye periya aaLu aakki kaattaren-nu" yen kitta yaaravadhu solli irundha, naan oru veLai ponaalum poyee iruppen...aana nee...

Subbulakshmi sees Surya cutting the hands of a police officer for raping a girl.

Surya: Enakku theriyum, unakku idhellam pidikkaadhu... aana naan ippadi thaan... unakku enna pidikkala illa?
Subbulakshmi: (with tears in her eyes)Pidichirukku
Surya: Appa yen azhara?
Subbulakshmi: Theriyala...

(Mani would have beautifully brought out the emotions of a timid Brahmin girl, who is a bit afraid of and at the same time in love with a rough guy)
Surya and Deva go to meet the collector.

Arjun: Niruthanum...neenga seyyara ellathayum niruthanum (Reminds me of "Nayagan")
Surya: Collector sir...neenga eppayavadhu pasiyoda irudhu irukkeengala???? packet-la 10 paisa illaama alanji irukkeengala???

Deva and his wife go to Subbulakshmi's house to get her father's acceptance.

Deva: Avan kitta enna illa???
Subbulakshmi's father: En ponna kalyanam pannikka thagudhi illa...
Deva: Ennaya periya thagudhi... Nee kooda thaan Collector office-la kuppa kottara... pasi-nnu yaaravadhu un veettu vasal-la vandhu ninna 10 paisa poduviyaa...aana avan tharuvaan....avan kitta irukkara ellathayum tharuvaan

Subbulakshmi: Enakku enga veetula kalyanam nichayam panni irukkaanga...ennaala enga appava edhirthu edhuvum panna mudiyala..
Surya: ....
Subbulakshmi: Mappillai yaarunu kekka maatteengala??
Surya: Yaaru?
Subbulakshmi: Collector
Surya: Podi...ungaLukku ellam enna venum...veLLaya oru thoalum...4 vaarthai English pesanum avvalavu thaane...

Surya talks with his step-daughter Thamilazhagi...

Surya: Naan porandha vudaney enga amma enna ippadi thooki paatha...naan karuppa asingamaa irudhanaa... avaLukku pidikkala... adhaan enna oru manja thuni-la suthi thooki veesitta... adho theriyudhu paathiya andha kaavaala thaan naan medhandhu vandhen
Thamizhazhagi: Andha kaavaaliyaa???

(The innocence of that kid would be very good in that scene)

Almost everyone's favorite scene is the one, where Surya would see his mother for the first time in temple. Only his step-father would be knowing their true identities. Surya and his mother would be separated by a pillar an d both of them would spontaneously turn back at the sound of a train. It just can't get any better.

Surya after learning his identity goes to meet the collector.

Surya: Collector sir...neenga romba nallavanga... neenga indha oora vittu poyidunga... ungaLukku oru kudumbam irukku...
Arjun: Enna bayamuruthariyaa???
Surya: Illa kenji kettukkaren... UngaLukku kooda porandha oru annan sthaanathula irundhu solren...
Arjun: Unna madhiri oru pulla porandhu irundha enga amma unna appave thooki veesi iruppaanga..

(The subtle smile from Surya would convey all the irony)

Deva suspects Surya, for not agreeing to kill the collector.

Surya: Enna sandhega padariyaa...indha Surya-va sandhega padariyaa...Natpu-na enna nu theriyuma unakku... Nanban-na enna nu theriyuma unakku... Surya-na enna nu theriyuma unakku...

I am in a spree of relishing Maniratnam's classics and these posts are a result of that.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pulicat Lake

Had been to Pulicat over the weekend...Its an awesome place about 65 kms from Chennai..

The entire stretch of the backwaters is decorated with beautiful islands, most of them being uninhabited. The water is just waist deep in most of the places except near the estuary.

Here are some of the pics...

One such beautiful island



The water is clear... We dipped here

Yet another island. Ideal place to have food and take some rest

The fisherman who took us to these places said that if planned in advance they can make arrangements for a tent and stove to cook some of the seawater fishes, which get exported and are not available in Indian market. They even arrange for night camps, but ladies are strictly not allowed for that.

Its advisable to go there by late afternoon and spend the pleasant evening in one of the lonely islands. More pics here

Route Update: When going from Chennai, take the Chennai - Nellore (Calcutta) highway. 5-6kms after Red Hills, you will come across a signboard giving directions to Ponneri. Take the right there to reach Ponneri. Proceed straight for another 20 kms and you will reach Pulicat.

Monday, March 20, 2006



Angey vodka thaan......
Eppadi Solvenadiiiiii......

Be there....Have fun

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Super Comedy

WARNING: Watching this video might cause serious stomach ache

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mouna Ragam

My musings on Mouna Ragam...

- It doesn't bore you even the Nth time

- Although "Mouna Ragam" and "Alaipayuthe" are the two of the best movies based on "Love and Marriage" till date, I somehow seem to like Mounaragam more than Alaipayuthe.

- Generally girls do not speak straight as guys do. (Revathy could have frankly told Mohan about her affair with Karthik, during the "penn paarkum padalam" itself instead of coming up with silly reasons like "I am egoistic, short tempered" etc..etc.- These are not serious reasons for a guy to reject a girl)... But then we would have lost a good movie ;-)

- It is really absurd for two complete strangers to share a bed after marriage. Nowadays guys and girls try to know so much about each other before marriage that they even start fighting. But how was it in those days??? How can someone else decide as to when a couple should make love???? Kalyanam enna license-aa???

- Guys tend to give up even their most beloved things and cherished dreams for the sake of love. And for some reason or the other majority of them end up losing both the girl and their ambition (Karthik).

- Sometimes girls go to any extent to get what they want. In that aspect girls are much bolder than guys. (Revathi going to the Registrar Office without the knowledge of her parents)

- Love that comes after marriage is not poetic. It does not have too much expectations, but it is practical.

- Men get annoyed when they are disturbed in the midst of something they are engrossed in, even if that person happens to be his wife. And that does not mean that he doesn't like her. Nor does that mean whatever he is doing is more important than her. It only means that he cannot attend to her they way he would like to, at that point of time.

- Its not at all easy to overcome ego, even to one's soulmate. (Mohan and Revathy in climax)

- There's nothing called as "Perfect Match" in this world. Two people cannot get everything right between them. If two people can get along well, they can certainly lead a happy life together. All talks of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or whatever is just humbug. Only Biology is true.

- Nobody knows what kind of a guy a girl would like. The same Revathy who loved dynamic and playful Karthik falls for the caring and gentle Mohan in the end. I think it would remain a mystery forever.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Take that Aussies...

Take that Aussies... after all you are mere mortals....

I couldn't see most part of South Africa's reply but the score updates in Headlines Today was more than enough to follow the game. For once I feared Australia might run away with another record to their credit. But it was not meant to be. To score 400+ is indeed a credit. But to score 434 runs and not being able to defend it would be the biggest shame on earth.

Pic courtesy -

Whatever said about the pitch and the ground, this match will go down in history as one of the memorable matches and Graeme Smith will tell his grandchildren a ball-by-ball description of how they tamed the big headed kangaroos.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ponnu Eppadi ???

Guy1: Dei...namma Ramesh-ku marriage fix aayiduchu.

Guy2: Ei!!!! ennada solra????

Guy1: Nijamaada...

Guy2: Avan mokka payyan aache da.... avana poyee endha ponnu da suya nenaivoda kalyanam pannippaa???

Guy1: Paavam edho oru ponnu maattikichu machi....

Guy2: Avan college-la vaangina "bulb" nyaabagam irukka???

Guy1: Avan oru naaLaikku 10 "bulb" vaanguvaan... edha solra...

Guy2: Illa da... avan "En range theriyaama pesareenga nu" udhaaru vittappa... "poda, enna periya range? un range enna 20Hz to 20,000 Hz-aa? "- nu kettu avana asingapaduthinaanagale adha solren

Guy1: Innoru mukkiyamaana matter... andha ponnu unga company dhaan...2003 batch..AS400 project. ponnu Tiruchy...mother tongue Telugu

Guy2: Appadinnaa avala kandippa kandu pidikkanum da...

Guy1: Eppadi da...unga company-la 3000 peru iruppaanga...

Guy2: Ellam Alaipayuthe logic thaan...3000 perula ethanai percent AS 400 project-la iruppaanga... adhula ethanai percent 2003 batch-aa iruppaanga...adhula ethanai percent Telugu pesara Tiruchy ponnunga iruppaanga..

Guy1: AvaLa kandupidichi enna panna porom...

Guy2: Ada andha thyaagi yaaru-nu paaka venaama???

Guy1: Avaney kalyana photo-va email anuppi veippaan da

Guy2: Adhula oru suyanalamum irukku da.

Guy1: Enna solra

Guy2: Oru veLai andha ponnum paakka loose madhiri irunduchunna, indha loose payalukku yetha ponnu thaan-nu therinjidum

Guy1: Oru veLa ava azhagaa irundhaaL-na???

Guy2: Avanukke nalla ponnu kedaichirukkum bodhu nammala aandavan kai vittuda maattaan-nu naama aarudhal pattukkalaam....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sidestand Indicators

All two wheelers in India have a side stand which can be used for parking the vehicle temporarily. Motorists mainly use it when they want to buy something from a road side shop, or attending their mobile phones.

In some situations I find that people do not disengage the stand and start riding with the side stand still on. This can be dangerous sometimes if they want to take a left turn. The stand will hit the ground first and if the stand does nor retract the rider will not be able turn left. There are all possibilities that the rider may lose balance and fall.

I had a similar experience on top of the flyover in TTK Road. Myself and my friend were going then. We had to turn left and the side stand was on. We heard a terrible rattling noise and by the time we realised it we were very close to the parapet wall of the bridge. Luckily by then the stand had retracted and we managed unscathed.

Nowadays some two wheelers have side stand indicators in the instrument panels but the regular 100cc vehicles have none.

From then on I make it a point to indicate riders who have not disengaged their sidestands. It is easy if the rider is travelling in the same direction as I am. I either speed up or slow down until I come side by side to the rider and scream to him. Even this is hard sometimes because of other noises on the road.

But if the rider is coming towards me from the opposite direction, how do I tell him. We cross each other in milliseconds and before I realise he is gone. Do we have any hand signals for "side stand on".

We have a popular hand signal for "headlights on" which became even popular after Parthiban's movie. I thought may be this would be a good one.


What say all???

Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Darshan - 8

Our destination this time was Sirgazhi and Chidambaram, because we wanted to take some time off at Cuddalore.

Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram:
One among the popular Shaivite temples, and a rare temple in South India where we get to see Lord Shiva in a form other than the usual "Lingam". One can also find Lord Vishnu called by "Govindaraja Perumal", adjacent to the main deity in this temple. Again a rare thing to see. There's a shrine within the temple with 9 lingams called "Nava-lingams", one in the name of each of the Nava-grahas.
Well, these are some nice things that we have got to say about the temple. This temple should be taken up by the ASI. Who would want to lose all the precious inscriptions on the stone walls for a Janatha-cem paint, and lose the stateliness of the gopurams to flashy looking oil paints???


We saw some beautiful sculptures of various Bharatanatya poses on the walls of the main gopuram. This temple holds lots of architectural marvels and they have to be taken care by the right people(ASI).

Thiruvikrama Narayana Perumal Temple, Sirgazhi:
This is a small and beautiful temple, just off the Sirgazhi- Chidambaram highway. This is one among the three divya desams where Lord Vishnu can be seen measuring the earth and sky, the other two being Thirukoviloor and Kancheepuram.

Dsc01499 Dsc01502
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Unlike the other two temples, the right foot of the Lord here is not exposed on all days except Vaikunda Ekadesi. There's a very interesting history for this temple, which you can read from the above picture.

Sattanathar Temple, Sirgazhi:
Easily this was the best among the lot that we visited over the weekend. This is a very huge temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that "Gnana Sambandhar" got his enlightenment here. So there is a separate shrine dedicated to Gnanasambandhar.

Dsc01504 Dsc01507
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Lord Shiva can be seen here in 3 forms here. Details in the picture above. This temple was not on our list. We went in after noticing the huge walls from the bus, but we never expected we would be on for such a surprise.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


With so much childish politics going on in the state, I wish Gabdun (a.k.a Captain) teaches these unscrupulous politicians a suitable lesson.


Gabdun, gavala padadheenga....enga Varudha padaadha vaalibar sangam oaddu (vote) ellam ungaLuggu dhaan...aggum

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