Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This is one of the senseless ads that I had seen in recent times.


What will you feel if you happen to see this girl in the picture?
"Konjam ippadi pakkathula vaa thayee-nu koopitu, andha wash basin-la thuppanum-nu thaane thonum"

Monday, February 27, 2006

CET is back

Its good news that the High Court struck down the State Government's decision to abolish Common Entrance Test. Obviously admission based on Board exam marks alone would have caused lots of chaos with as much as 100 students scoring centum in all three major subjects and would have unduly affected the CBSE students. Inspite of CET, most of the CBSE students invariably end up in low ranking colleges because of their valuation system. Some of the college toppers in my batch were CBSE students, who had to take management quota seats because they couldn't get into good colleges.

That was too much of opportunistic politics by the State Government, and it got the right response.

Where r u going?

Myself and couple of my colleagues were going to the cafetaria, while we noticed one guy preaching something to another guy. We heard a couple of words of their conversation and then stopped to listen. One of the guys with me was a Telugu speaking guy. He can understand and speak most of the colloquial Tamil words.

Preacher : .......andha unarvu thaan melongi irukkum. (overheard...)
Telugu Guy : Dey...ennada avanukku romba neramaa lecture adichikittu irukke..
Preacher : Self control pathi sollittu irukken. Unnaala oru maasam TV paakkaama irukka mudiyuma?
Telugu Guy : Mudiyaadhu da...
Preacher : (very concerned)Unna meeri adhu unna iyakkikittu irukku paathiyaa? Nee enga poyittu irukka !!!
Telugu Guy : (clealy not understanding the first part of the sentence) Naana??naan saapida poikittu irukken.

We couldn't control our laughter and it was very embarassing for that guy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thambi - Thuru pudicha kambi

The director Seeman deserves credit for selecting a name that does not rhyme with any Tamil expletives, unlike a recent movie. The movie has a brilliant message for the public...

"Violence is not the only thing that can kill people. Even movies can..."


If you feel like strangling someone, gift him a balcony ticket for "Thambi", but do so immediately because I doubt if it will see next friday.

I prescribe couple of plantain fruits to Maddy, he seems to be suffering from constipation through out the movie. (dialogue pesa sonna romba mukkuraaru). Padam muzhukka kerosene kudicha kozhandhai madhiri kanna urutti urutti pesararu...very fearful.Padathula maddy-ku yen coolers kudukkalai-nu ippa purinjudha. Camera man-ku vera narambu thalarchi irukku pola irukku... Pooja vara scene ellam camera-va chumma shake pannikkitta irukkaaru. kannu valikkudhu...

On my way to the theatre, near Chrompet level crossing to be precise, I saw flowers and garlands on the road. Then I didn't know that Madhavan's career had been taken along that way to crematorium. Aduthu pazhayapadi DD mega-serial thaan-nu nenaikiren...

I should thank god that I reached the theatre half an hour later and managed to see only 'ambi'...while Srivathsan and Prabhakar saw entire "Thambi". Innum oru 4, 5 naaLukku avanga blog pakkam pogadheenga... edhavadhu asingam asingamaa thitti irukka poraanga.

Thambi - RED remade with Maddy

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who is the elephant?

Guy1: Dey....pudhusa oru padam vandhu irukkaame...adhula elephant dhaan heroine-aam
Guy2: Ayyaya...naan animal sex ellam paakaradhu illa
Guy1: Illapa..idhu ordinary padam thaan
Guy2: "Devar films"-um moodiyachu...Baby Shamilee-kum vayasu aayiduchu..ippa yaaruda animals kooda nadikkaradhu
Guy1: Namma action king Arjun...
Guy2: Arjun-aaa????avarukku enna dhaan padam odalainaalum indha madhiri padathula nadikkaradhu konjam too much
Guy1: Viduda...adhu avaru ishtam
Guy2: Enna padam da adhu
Guy1: Padam perey "Aanai" thaan pa. Character perey vechirukkaanga pola
Guy2: Ada naadhari...andha "aanai"-ku rendu suzhi 'na', indha padathukku moonu suzhi "Na"...school-la tamizh padidaa-na North Indian figures irukkaanganu Hindi padicha...ippa paaru...parava illai vidu.... nee onnum appadi thappaa sollidala...aanaa idhukku original elephant-ey nadikkalaam

Monday, February 20, 2006

I wonder why - 5

Tistance thaan praaplem.....

I wonder why, the ride back home in the night seems longer than the ride to office in the morning, especially after a tiring day's work. May be its the yearning desire to reach home soon and pursue other interests...

I also wonder if I am the only person feeling that way????

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kalvanin Kadhali - "A"

This is an "A" certified movie for its content. It is advised that the viewers bear that in mind when they watch this movie. Remember this movie was previously titled as 36-28-36. Those who want to crib about decency, morality etc can better watch "Thavamai Thavamirundhu", and others who want to have a nice early morning coffee in theatre can watch "Kanda Naal Mudhal".


A bit of spoiler here.
SJ Suryah is a womaniser and Nayathara is a family girl (I know both are hard to digest). How "LOVE" unites them forms the rest of the story.

The debut director, Thamilvaanan should be appreciated for handling such a subject without overdoing it. There are dialogues here and there, that disciplinarians would object. But then what else can you expect from a playboy movie(Amma sentiment song-aa paaduvaanga, item number thaan poduvaanga)

The two most featured things in the movie are Nayanthara and Enfield Thunderbird. The cameraman has to be given the credits for not shooting a horror movie like "Ghajini" with Nayanthara. She looks much better in this one. The director has played it safe by making her wear saree/salwar most of the time and the cameraman has supported him by focusing her from distance.

First half of the movie doesn't trouble you much, while the second half gets predictable and is a touch too dragging. A couple of songs "Eno Kangal" and "Tajmahal Oviyakadhal" have been picturised beautifully. Vivek's comedy although not very hilarious to compare with Vaali, Minnale, etc., makes you laugh and avoids monotony.
If this movie flops, it would only be a blessing in disguise. SJ Suryah would stop acting, and we would be spared the trouble of watching him romance Simran, Nila and Nayanthara.

Kalvanin Kadhali - Kadhali-yai mattum paarpadhu uchitham. MatRa amsangaLai edhir paarthu "Galath kaam math kar"....

P.S. I think there is a rule that states that children are strictly not permitted for "A" certified movies. There was a 10-year old guy who had come with his father sitting next to us(Me and Srivathsan) and a family sitting behind us. The guy was sitting on the edge of his seat. "Thambi, evvalavu etti paathalum avvalavu thaan pa theriyum".

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weekend sick

I wish, I can stay home today, recline on the bean bag, shut out the rest of the world, munch some goodies and watch Mounaragam and Thalapathi one after the other. If only I can do that.......

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day Wishes

Pall irukkaravaa ellam nallaa bakoda saapidungo,
Bakoda kedaikkaadhavaa ellam
Atleast palla brush-aavadhu pannungo!!!!

Vaayil veppankuchiyudan,

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What's happening????

I was walking towards my workplace from the parking lot while I saw a guy and a girl working in the BPO section come after their night shift.

Girl: Dei...konja naaLa Ajay enna romba konjaraanda....
Guy: Vidu...avan eppayume appadi thaane. Ippa mattum ennavaam????

Me thinking: Ada paavigaLaaa!!!! Enna da nadakkudhu BPO-la??? New Employee Induction bodhu sonnaangaLe.... BPO employees-oda convenience-kaaga dormitory katti vitturukkomnu....adhu idhukku thaana???

P.S: This post was not intended to hurt or disregard any BPO employees... I was really taken aback for a second when I heard the first line...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

From the Unknown HER

He: I feel like cursing you, for all the sleepless nights that you have given me,....
"you'll have a son, who will go mad behind my daughter, just like the way I am mad for you"
....but then......why trouble those innocent ones....come lets make them brothers and sisters

She: I know your daughter will be smart enough to accept my son. Let me give him a chance.

P.S: I have received a few forwards of the previous post. So I hope it is useful to someone.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pani Vizhum Iravu

I am staying late night in office, shivering as I am the only occupant in the entire wing. And the instant ecstasy that this song brought when popped out of my Walkman Mobile into the lonely cabin is too much to be expressed in words.

pani vizhum iravu nanaindhadhu nilavu
iLanguyil irandu isaikindRa pozhudhu
poo pookkum raa podhu poongaatRum thoongadhu...
vaa vaa vaa

pani vizhum iravu nanaindhadhu nilavu

poovile oru paai pottu pani thuLi thoonga
poovizhi imai mooodamal paingiLi enga
maalai viLaketrum neram manasil oru kodi baaram
thanithu vaazhndhenna laabam thevai illadha thaabam
thanimaye po, inimaye vaa...
neerum verum sera vendum

pani vizhum iravu nanaindhadhu nilavu

kaavalil nilai koLLaamal thaavudhe manadhu
kaaranam thunaiyillaamal vaadidum vayadhu
aasai kollaamal kollum angam thaaLaamal thuLLum
ennai ketkaamal oadum idhayam unnoaadu koodum
virgamay oa naragamo sol
poovum muLLai maari pogum

pani vizhum iravu nanaindhadhu nilavui
Languyil irandu isaikindRa pozhudhu
poo pookkum raa podhu poongaatRum thoongadhu...
vaa vaa vaa
pani vizhum iravu nanaindhadhu nilavu

Oru mottai thalaiku uLLa ivvalavu talent-aaa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You too....

After a nice Sunday, even HE seemed to have it

The Monday Morning Blues.

This was how the Sun appeared yesterday morning around 10am in Chennai

Monday, February 06, 2006

To the 'unknown' HER

I feel like cursing you, for all the sleepless nights that you have given me,....
"you'll have a son, who will go mad behind my daughter, just like the way I am mad for you"
....but then......why trouble those innocent ones....come lets make them brothers and sisters

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I wonder why - 4

First they get engaged...then their phones follow suit

I have seen this with many of my colleagues after their engagements. They get hooked to their mobile phones indefinitely. Fuelled by all their earlier rejections the guys get over enthusiastic and get an add-on sim card in their corporate connection and exploit the free service. Every bit of their leisure time is devoted to Coffee pubs, Mayajaal or beach resorts. In some cases where the girl is in some other city, guys spend thousands for the phone in addition to travelling every weekend to meet their would-be spouses.

The girls on the other hand, get overwhelmed because they don't have to spend anymore. And the way they sit behind the guys on the bikes, sometimes I doubt if they are Siamese twins.

God knows if the couples can sustain the same interest on each other after marriage.

I wonder why people rush to know about each other so much, when they have their entire lifetimes ahead of them after marriage. In anycase after engagement there is no escaping from that guy/girl. Then why hurry and spoil the thrill of marriage.

Just saw a girl on the opposite block of my office talking for more than three and half hours now during office hours. Does anyone know what is the maximum time before mobile phones burst?

Ayyo...ayyo... Kenathu thanniya aathu veLLamaa vandhu adichittu poga pogudhu. Illa Shah Rukh Khan padam madhiri vera yaaravadhu vandhu thattittu poyiduvaanga-nu bayama????

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