Thursday, June 30, 2005


"I pray to god that he lives as long as he wants and accomplishes all that he wishes" - Dakshinamurthi Swamigal

"Ilayaraja isai-ku urugaar oru isai-kum urugaar" - BalaMuraliKrishna

"This must have happened 20-25 years ago. We know its late" - KamalHasan

"It is a seamless cultural crossover" - N.Ram, Chief editor of The Hindu

"Its not easy to link Thyagaraja and Beethoven" - Jaypal Reddy, Union Minister

"You have no death, only births. You will be born again and again for 300 times, 3000 times and in every birth you will achieve more and more" - Bharathi Raja

"Peace is hard to get in Life. I know Ilayaraja is in pursuit of peace and I am following him" - Superstar Rajnikanth


Yaaiiieee. I was at the launch of Ilayaraja's "Thiruvasagam - a Symphonic Oratorio". Many thanks to Ramya, who was kind enough to spare the additional invite she had.(As Sudish would say she is really Sokka-thangam)

Unaffected by all these encomiums sat the hero of the evening, the maestro himself caressing his beard and a zen-like vision in his eyes. The blessed ones, I mean those who assembled at Music Academy yesterday got to hear three of his numbers from the album.

The first one to come was "Polla Vinayen" sung by Ilayaraja himself and Roy Harcourt(Lion King fame).For the entire 20 minutes that the song played, not a single soul among the 2000 odd people showed any symptoms of life. No calls were answered. Even the late comers who could manage enough to standing on only one leg, stayed in absolute silence. Such was the divinity of the music that has transcended many boundaries.

It gave me goose-bumps when someone in the crowd exclaimed, "Unmayilaye saami dhaan yaa nee" at the end of this song. His ecstasy was understandable.

Then there was a dance performance for the song "Muthu Natramam", which is originally sung by Unnikrishnan, Madhu, Vijay Yesudas, Manjari, Asha, Gayatri & chorus. It was composed in Malayalam style and the dance was neatly choreographed to match the mood.

Another highlight was the presentation of the song "Putril Vazh aravum anjen", by a youth choir comprising of some 30 odd school students with only a keyboard.

Thankfully enough the cds were sold at the venue itself. I grabbed one for myself and another for my friend.

For me the pick of the album is the song "Pooerukonum purantharanum" sung by Ilayaraja and Bavatharini. Simply soul stirring one. The other two songs also exude the same divinty.

One need not know Symphony, or the aarohanam and avarohanam for a raaga. Mere sensuality is enough to fill the hearts with bliss.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vandhuttaanyaa vandhuttaanya

Captain is producing his next movie "Swadeshi" under the banner Captain Cine Creations. The movie is about a rustic rural man’s problems in a city.

Captain modern-a vandhaale “Joom” panna solvaaru. Idhula naattupurama vandhaa…Aandava nee dhaan pa kaapathanum

DSCF4809 DSCF4804

Thalaivaa... we are expecting an fun-filled entertainer like "Narasimha", don’t use the movie to popularise your political interests. (like "Raajiyam")

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AV +ve

This post has tested positive for Ammani Virus.

He loved chasing them. Those sporty bikes, with tasteless remodelling, flashy West and Ferrari stickers, and a cuddling girl in the pillion.

The one he chased today was relentless. He wanted to overtake the guy, hurt his ego infront of his girl and catch a glimpse of her. Nothing worked. Autos swerved, commuters cursed, speed limits were broken, lane disciplines were trashed until the girl who was basking on the guy’s shoulders, turned back to see him.

“Amma, I don’t like other photos. This girl is nice and homely. Speak to her parents, I want to see her”

Little did he expect to see her this way.

Monday, June 27, 2005

ET quotes Bala-graphy

Happened to hit upon these links when I googled for "Bala-graphy" out of curiosity. ET has quoted my blog in an article related to Sudoku.

The links follow...

A few dialogues that gushed into my mind.

-Idhellam enakku saadharanam (Goundamani - Suriyan)
-Balaji...eppadi da unnala mattum ippadi idhellam mudiyudhu...Pch..ennavo poda.
(Janagaraj - Annanagar mudhal theru)


Enjoyed this one very much…

Anniyan: 5 email forward pannina thappa...
IT guy : Onnum thappu illenga
Anniyan: 5 latcham peru 5 email forward pannina thappa...
IT guy : Thappu maathiri thaanga theriyuthu
Anniyan: 5 latcham peru 5 latcham thadava 5 email forward pannina thappa
IT guy : Periya thappu thaanga...
Anniyan : Atha thaanda neenga ellam pannikitu irukkenga...vetti pasangala...poi velaya paaru ...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baniyan - Director Interview

Journo : Sir, padathukku "Baniyan"-nu per vechirukkeengale. XL-a XXL-a
Director: yeow idhu verum 'A' rated movie dhaan. single X, double X ellam kedayadhu.
oru kudumba padatha pathi ippadi ellam pesadheenga

Journo : ungalukku indha madhiri oru padam edukkanum-nu eppadi sir thonuchu
Director: nalla velai kaetteenga. enga kekkama poidu veengalo-nnu nenachen. Idhu varai
kadhal-oda pala parinaamangala naama paathirukkom. sollittu kadhal, sollama
kadhal, thookathula kadhal, sethappuram kadhal ippadi sollikitte pogalam. aana
kadhalichum sera mudiyaadha kadhal-a idhu varaikkum yaarum eduthadhe illai.
Adhuvum illaama enakku 2 madhiri padam dhaan edukka theriyum. adhukkum
sarakku theendhu ponadhaala Boys + Anniyan serthu Baniyan-nu peru

Journo : Indha theme eppadi uruvachu-nu solla mudiyuma
Director: Kandippa. adha solla dhaane vandhirukken. Enakku romba naala
kuzhappamaana oru padam edukkanumnu aasai. adhaan...

Journo : Sir, triangular love-nu sonneenga. aana 2 peru dhaane irukkaanga
Director: Inga dhaan neenga thappa purinjikittu irukkeenga. paatheenga-na 'punna',
'sorini', 'paenmozhi'-nu 3 per irukkaanga

Journo : Sir, appadi parthaalum V-shaped love dhaane irukku. triangle muzhumai
Director: Enna solreenga

Journo : Paatheenga-na 2 per, punna-va love panranga. punna, sorini-ya love panraaru.
appa V-shape dhaane. 3 pulli irundha mattum adhu triangle aagadhu sir, 3 line
Director: enna-yya nee sutha vevagaaram pudicha aaLa irukka. 2 heroine eppadi-ya
orutha oruthar love panna mudiyum. Indian cinema-la V-shaped love dhaan
edukka mudiyum. venum-na aduthu oru rectangular love subject edukkaren.
adhula 2 hero, 2 heroine. appa 4 pulli, 4 kodu varum

Journo : Sir, punna auditorium-la odura scene romba thathroobama vandhirukku. adha
pathi konjam sollunga.
Director: neenga edha paathu appadi solreenga-nu theriyala. aana thathroobama varaama
pinna eppadi sir varum? avaru evallavu rehearsal panninaar-nu ungalukku ellam
theriyadhu. andha kashtatha anubavichavan appadingara muraiyila solren.

Journo : Kannaadi-ya parthu Paenmozhi poyidaradhu avvalavu logic-a illaye?
Director: Kannaadi-ya parthuttu Remo pogalaam, Paenmozhi poga koodadhaa. Ella
MPD-kum ore vaidhyam dhaan sir. Adhuvum illama hero-vayum heroine-
ayum pirichi vechu Tamil pada paarambariyatha naan kedukka virumbala.

Journo : Sir unga adutha padatha pathi konjam sollungalen.
Director: Idhu love subject illaya. So aduthadhu Public Awareness subject dhaan
pannanum.Adhukku vandhu Gentleman-ayum, Mudhalvan-ayum mix panni
'Mentalman' appadinnu oru padam panna poren.

Journo : Neenga rasigar-galukku enna solla virumbareenga
Director: Balaji-nu oru nallavan, naattu makkala sirikka vekkanum-nu oru nalla
ennathoda indha padatha avan blog-la release panni irukkaan. Ellarum avan
blog-a poi padeenga. Comments ezhudhunga. Unga friends, mattrum relatives
kitta indha blog pathi eduthu sollunga

Journo : Romba thanks sir. Enna dhaan neenga vettiya irundhaalum, bandha pannaama
interview kudutheenga
Director: Indha nandri ellam Balaji-ya thaan poi seranum. meendum velli thirai-la meet

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As Punna walks backwards towards the middle of the road, a bus coming at a very high speed hits him and Punna succumbs heavy head injuries.

Ten days later in the hospital, Punna wakes up and asks who he is. The doctors examined him and told his parents that Punna had lost whatever little brain he had and that he would never remember the past, a confusing variant of Amnesia. Everybody was worried about Punna, but his mother took heart when she saw him proposing to the sweeper maid who came to clean his room.

Sorini came to see Punna at the hospital.Because of the sympathy wave, she had fallen in love with Punna. Although Punna could not recognise Sorini, he immediately accepted her love.

Soon both of them got married. It was their first night and both of them eagerly entered the bedroom. The moment Punna touched Sorini, Paenmozhi emerged out. (Remember Paenmozhi was in love with Punna)

Paenmozhi: "Enna dhairiyam irundha nee, Sorini-ya kalyanam pannipa"
Punna : "Sorini, enna pethara. naan unna dhaane kalyanam pannikitten"
Paenmozhi: "Muttaall, naan Paenmozhi-da. Sorini illa."
Punna : "Enna solra nee"
Paenmozhi: "Naan nee odinadha parthu unna love pannen. Aana nee Sorini-ya kalyanam
pannikkitte. Un kai viral ava mela patta podhum, naan avala konnuduven.
nee enna thavira vera endha ponnaiyum thoda koodadhu"
Punna : “Ennadhu Sorini-ya kolai panniduviyaa. sari enakku ava vendam..unnaiye
kalyanam pannikiren"
Paenmozhi: "Madaya, Sorini podura pichai enakku venaam"
Punna : "Appadinna naan enna dhaan panradhu...neeyum vara mattengura...avalayum
thoda vida mattengura"
Paenmozhi: "Vaayila virala vechikittu appadi orama padu"

In typical Kollywood style, Punna takes a pillow, blanket and slowly walks out of the room.

Punna : "Kalyanam panniyum brahmachari-ya...enna kodumai da idhu"

Just when he turns he sights the dressing table and drags Paenmozhi to it.

Punna : Kannaadi-a paaru
Paenmozhi: Kannaadi-la Sorini irukkaa. Naan enga???
Punna : Ippa purinjudhaa. Nee vera, Sorini vera kedayaadhu. Nee Sorini-kku ulla
irundha oru character, Chandramukhi madhiri.
Paenmozhi: Enna naan nejam illayaa. Ivalavu naal naan Sorini udambulayaa irundhen.
ada kadavuLe!!!
Punna : Amaam. Dhayavu senju idatha gaali pannu. Enakkum Sorini-kum neraya
velai irukku.

Suddenly Paenmozhi falls down unconsciously.

Punna : "Sorini..Sorini..."
Sorini : (Slowly waking up)"I am sorry Punna. First night room-la vandhu thoongitten
Punna : Paravaa illa chellam...veettu VCD-ya pudhu pada pettiyaa thookki poga
pogudhu. Laka laka laka

The screen falls here and the audience give a standing ovation.

Watch out for the exclusive interview of the director.

Baniyan - Part 2

Recap: Punna is approaching his seniors to rescue Sorini

Punna : "Anna"
Seniors : "Enna da Punna? Nethu vaanginadhu podhadha"
Punna : "Iva enakku therinja ponnu, venaam...vittudunga"
Seniors : "Naangale kashta pattu oru 'attu' figure-a pudichi vechirukkom. Adhaiyum
izhuthuttu poga vandhuttaan..poda"
Punna : "Avanga appa oru Inspector"
Seniors : "Ada paavi.idha munnadi-ye solla koodadha. aala viduppa. neeye kootittu o"

Punna : "Unna kaapathi nadhukku Thanks ellam solli enna anniyan aakidadhe. Unga
appan Sanitory Inspector, adha chumma Inspector-nu sonnen.Odittaanga

vetti pasanga"
Sorini : "Thoo...kadangaara. ivaru chiyan vikram-u, appadiye naanga thanks sonnadhum
anniyan aayidu varu. Seniors-a correct panni free-ya book ellam
vaangalam-nu nenachen. adhula mann alli pottuttiye da panni"
Punna : "Ok. I am sorry. Theriyaama nadandhu pochu. Naan unna romba deep-a love
Sorini : "Ennadhu deepa-va love panriyaa? Adhu naan illa"
Punna : "Illa..unna romba aazhama love panrennu sonnen. Unn kaiya pudichi

The moment Punna touched her hand, she fell backward as if someone pushed her. Sorini fell down, but it was Paenmozhi who stood up and spoke in a sightly nasal voice.

Paenmozhi : "naan unna love pannanuma. appadinna naalaikku morning college
auditorium-la function irukku. appo nee andha auditorium-a suthi
udambula dress illama odanum"
Punna : "Kandippa odaren, sorini...kandippa odaren"
(*** - As per rules of MPD, Sorini is not aware of this conversation)

The next day was the inaguration function for the auditorium. Many guests had arrived. Exactly when the kuthu vilakku was lighted, Punna shed his clothes and started running around the auditorium. At that very moment someone in the crowd frisked Sorini and Paenmozhi took over.

Seeing the (err...what shall I say...hmm..ok)guts of Punna, Paenmozhi got impressed and started loving Punna. According to Kollywood rules of MPD, only Paenmozhi would love Punna and not Sorini. Eventually he was caught by the security and got suspended from college.

Two days later, Punna went to see Sorini.

Punna : "En ottam eppadi Sorini"
Sorini: "Kelvipatten. Ammanama odiniyaame. Ennavo ulaga amaidhikkaaga odina madhiri
pesara. Unakku enna 'kizhakke pogum rail' radhika-nnu nenappa. Moodhevi,
kaila veragu kattiya thookittu odi irundhai-na andha padam madhiri mazhai-
yavadhu vandhirukkum"
Punna : "Appa nee enna love pannaliyaa. Naan ippave road-ukku kurukka reverse-la
nadakka poren"
Sorini: "Po po..."

So Punna walks backwards towards the middle of the road

(To be completed in the next episode)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Baniyan(A)...Shankar's next movie

Baniyan - 50% Boys, 50% Anniyan

Presenting a triangular love story...

Hero of the movie, Punna (full name 'Punnakku') is a feeble minded guy who falls in love with anyone/anything of the female gender. His track record so far includes 25 girls in his college, 10 housemaids in his neighbourhood, 3 Pomeranians and 2 manikins of Naidu Hall.

The heroine, Sorini is a tough girl with two lives in single body. No, no, no...she is not pregnant. She has Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). (If you do not know what MPD is, stop reading here). The other character inside her is called Paenmozhi.

Paenmozhi was born when Sorini was 9 years old. She had so much lice on her head, that her parents employed a maid who would accompany Sorini to her school and scratch her head, when she writes her lessons. The strange noises made when the nails scratched her head were so terrible that none of the boys dared to sit near her. At first Sorini hated only the boys in her class for ignoring her. The hatred slowly spread towards the boys of the other sections who visited her class in break times to watch the funny sight of a maid scratching her head. Within a year's time Sorini had developed extreme hatred for the opposite sex.

Paenmozhi came into existence when one day a guy accidentally hit Sorini in the school corridor. Paenmozhi caught the guy by his collar and threw him to the ground and tried to strip him. She felt it was the best way to insult the guys who had tormented her all these days. From then on Paenmozhi would emerge everytime a guy approached Sorini with amorous intentions.

As time passed by Mediker came to the market and got rid of all the lice in Sorini's head.

After her schooling, she joined the same college in which Punna was studying in second year. It was the first day of her college and Punna was eagerly waiting to rag his junior girls.

There he saw Sorini being ragged by his seniors. Punna cannot rescue her, because he might be ragged again. At the same time he was very attracted by Sorini that he could not leave her, and within 5 seconds he fell in love with her. Slowly he approached his seniors...

(To be continued...)

P.S. I have no intentions of directing a mega serial. So this story would end soon.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Day out with Thunderbird

Many thanks to Kribs, for putting up the new strategy of Enfield motors in his blog. Enfield has now come up with a new plan to promote sales of Thunderbird in Chennai.

Rather than having the riders take the bike on a test ride, Enfield motors has organised an experiential ride, wherein you can have the vehicle upto one full day. The basic idea is to make the riders more time with the beast and let them fall in love with it.

The offer seemed too tempting to resist and I grabbed with both my hands. I clubbed this occasion with my friends marriage on friday.

My God! It was the ride of my lifetime. I am not sure whether it is the respect that this fellow demands or the sheer intimidating style, other vehicles silently made way for me even in some congested roads near Parry's corner. Solid brakes, excellent pick up, broad seats resembling a sofa...well I can keep going on and on

Here are some of the snaps of the beast





Thunderbird is certainly my next bike. The day I can afford its price (currently Rs.84,000/-), a shiny black thunderbird will be on its way to my house.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Anniyan rocks

Shankar's Anniyan has finally hit the screens and it is worth the wait. After the release got postponed four times, many including me had lost interest in the movie.

Shankar and Vikram have reserved their very best for this venture and the producer's confidence in the team has finally paid off. No words can exactly describe the performance of Chiyan, who by his sheer brilliance occupies the movie goers' mind for close to 3 hours.
Seems like this is the season of Multiple Personality Disorder. Following Superstar's Chandramukhi, Anniyan has also taken the same theme, but portrays it in a different way with some inspiration from Sidney Sheldon's "Tell me your dreams".

Vikram plays three roles. In reality he is a perfectly law-abiding lawyer who cannot tolerate even simple mistakes. Everytime he sees someone being irresponsible and breaking the law even to the slightest extent, he questions them and when there is no proper response he gets tensed at his own helplessness and the unscrupulousness of those around him.

There are 2 other personalities residing inside him. One is Remo, a lover guy and the other is the title man Anniyan, who owns a portal by name and punishes anybody who is brought to his notice by the affected.

After a touch too lengthy first half, the later half of the movie describes the situations under which the 2 characters were born inside a timid, righteous boy. Shankar has ensured he doesn't get illogical in creating the personalities or bringing out their behaviour making the movie as impressive as it is.

Sadha plays Vikram's lady love, while Vivek neatly fits into the comedian role once again. Prakash Raj dons his role to perfection as the Police Officer who chases Anniyan.
Although the movie reminds of Indian, the way in which the killer leaves back a message at the place of murder, Shankar has made intelligent use of anagrams and references to Sanskrit Puranas to keep the pace moving. Once again the director has proved that he thinks big in all his song sequences. Looking at the "Andan kaakka" song, one gets a feeling that he has gone a bit too far in impressing the audience with grandeur. The rest of the songs are gems among which "Kannum Kannum" takes the top spot.

Something that hurts the ardent, knowledgable fans is that the background music score is not as good as it should be. That is one aspect that separates Harris Jayaraj from the big boy for such occasions ARR.

I am very much impressed with the movie and I am planning to watch the movie again tomorrow. Maybe I will have to start early from the blogger's meet on podcasting at Coffee Day.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Watch your speed

A small piece of information to the drivers of Chennai.

If you happen to travel from Nandanam to Teynampet via Mount Road during off-peak hours (say 11.00am to 5.00pm) endure that you stay within the speed limits, which is 40-45kmph for 2 wheelers and 4-wheelers. In case of weekends, be doubly careful.

There is heavy patroling in that stretch and atleast 6-7 vehicles get caught for overspeeding every time the signal turns green. The interceptor which records the vehicle speed is well-concealed, that by the time one realises the situation his/her speed would have been already registered in the speed-guns.

For the drivers this is a wide stretch, where they usually tend to up their revs. Sometimes I had felt that even the cruising pace is above the limit. Out of my personal experience I tell you, its a horrible sight to see the "thoppai mamas" run across the road with their arms out-stretched resembling Ravi Krishna's dance in "Kan pesum varthai" song of "7/G Rainbow colony".

Why unnecessarily waste the hard-earned money???

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to take it?

Had been to my colleague's Bachelor's party last night. We had so much fun and much more food that I could hardly walk and by the time I reached home it was 11.30 in the night.

Unwilling to sleep immediately because of my hard rock tummy, I called up my colleague Lokesh and indulged in "vettipechu" for about half an hour or so. Although we didn’t talk anything useful/interesting, I noticed that my mother, who had switched off the lights and gone to sleep, started behaving strangely. I should also mention that this was the first time; I made a call to someone after 10 in the night.

Every now and then she came to my room with one excuse or another, once to take a blanket, once to take my shirt that was hanging on the door and so on. It was strange because on many occasions I had been awake playing games or reading novels and she doesn’t usually complain. She was quite curious to find out the person at the other end.

How am I to take it? Should I think "I've got such a wonderful mother, who can find out even the smallest change in me." or "In spite of being a good son that I am, why should they get cautious unnecessarily?"

"Che...Amma-voda indha chinna sandhegatha kooda nijam aaka mudiyaama irukkene...Enna Kodumai da idhu" (Read the final part with Prabhu's accent in Chandramukhi)

Monday, June 13, 2005

I 'am mani'acal

Another attempt to emulate Ammani

He would tell his friends, "Machan, She is like a South Indian Meal, a bit of everything".
She would giggle thinking " are my banana leaf.... in the end.... nothing".

Sunday, June 12, 2005


He wanted to become her daughter's father.
Destiny made him the child's godfather.

Inspired by Ammani

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sudoku - all 7 days

Yes....From yesterday onwards "The Hindu" has moved Sudoku to its main issue, which means I will have Sudoku on all 7 days of the week.

Its great news for Sudoku buffs like me. I used to hate fridays & sundays because Metroplus doesn't come on these days. Now there's no stopping.

Thank You, Hindu

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ila nenje vaa

One of my all-time favourites. But for some reason, I find that this song is often not among the popular Ilayaraja classics, not even among Yesudas hits.

A rare gem from Ilayaraja, Balu Mahendra combination.

Film: Vanna vanna pookkal
Music: Ilayaraja
Singer: KJ Yesudas
Lyrics: Vaali

iLa nenje vaa...nee inge vaa

iLa nenje vaaa thendral therinil engum poi varalam
ada ange paar manjal vaan mugil kayyaal naam thodalam
kannodu oru sandosham..ennodu oru sangeetham...inneram

pachai pull methai virithu ange iLam thathaigal thathi kudhikkum
pattu poo mottu virikkum sendhen peRa ponvandu vattam adikkum
suttrilum moongil kaadugal thendralum thoongum veedugal
uchiyin mele paarkiren patchi vaazhum koodugal
mannin aadai pole vellam odudhe
ange naarai koottam semmeen thedudhe...inneram (iLa nenje)

arpudham ena uraippen inge vara eppavum ennai marappen
karpanai kotti juvithen, inge andha kambanai vambukkizhuthen
varnithu paadum kavignan naan, vannangal theettum kalaignan naan
sindhanai theril eriye suttrida yengum ilaignan naan
kannil kaanum yaavum ennai thoondudhe
endhan kaigal neendu vinnai theendudhe...inneram(iLa nenje)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Possessiveness...What exactly is it?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "POSSESSIVE" as

Function: adjective
1 : of, relating to, or constituting a word, a word group, or a grammatical case that denotes ownership or a relation analogous to ownership
2 : manifesting possession or the desire to own or dominate.

To me, the word gives rise to lots of thoughts. What exactly is possessiveness, or when do we call a person as being possessive? More often the movies have portrayed a husband/wife getting angry over his/her spouse for silly things such as talking or dining out with someone of the opposite sex. But isn't that lack of confidence, understanding and maturity. Do we call it possessiveness, because the person is trying to dominate his/her spouse?

Is possessiveness confined to people alone or can it be extended to lifeless things also? Can a person be possessive over his/her car, Parker pen, SLR camera, fur coat etc. Is unwillingness to share these, a shade of possessiveness?

In an attempt to analyse both sides of the coin, I am considering a person who takes utmost care of his car. He cleans it daily, washes it once a week, and drives it within the limits without abusing it. When one of his friends asked his car for a two day trip, he refuses to give it fearing his friend may not be as careful as he is in handling the car.

What category does he fall into? A possessive person or a caring person? What is the line that separates the two kinds of people?

Can possessiveness be a higher degree of caring? Then the next question comes up. Is it good or bad? It’s bad because it hurts the loved ones and friends. So should a person be less caring to avoid being possessive?

Enlighten me.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I wonder...

What do you think is common between

- Arindhum Ariyamalum - a Tamil movie and Evam Indrajit - an English play
- Cappucino @ Coffee Day and South Indian meals @ Saravana Bhavan
- Playing cricket at Nanganallur and visiting temples near Chengelput

except that I was there at all these places over the weekend.

There seems to be no connection whatsoever between these places. Still I was interested in everyone of them to the same extent. I did not have a single dull moment at these places, except for the 15 minute interval at the play which I had to spend in loneliness.

The biggest drawback of a wide spectrum as of mine is that, I haven't found someone who shares my likes and dislikes. And my blog is the outcome of the loneliness which sometimes frustrate me.

Seeing at the rather contrasting things that I do, I sometimes wonder if I am not clear of what I want in life?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend trip

Had been to a couple of temples near Chengelput on sunday.

First we went to Yoga Hayagreevar temple at Settipunniyam. This is a small but old temple built in the 1800s. A small piece of history about this temple. The "Urchavamurthi" here was brought from Thirvayindrapuram and there is a very old tree which dates back to the days of nayanmars.

Next we went to Padalathri Narasimhar temple at Singaperumalkoil. The specaility of this temple is that, a part of the temple is a small hill. It forms the wall on one side of the temple. One has to actually go round the hill in order to go round the temple. The entire place is very beautiful.

Main Entrance at Singaperumal Koil

View of the hill and temple. The tree you see behind the rock is also said to be very ancient

I am not a very religious guy but for some unexplainable reason, I like Vaishnavism. Yesterday's trip was quite unplanned and it turned to be a nice one.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Evam Indrajit

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Life has been at its interesting best for quite sometime now. New people, new things, new places,...can't ask for better. I have run into people who believe in the same values that I do.

Although my professional life sucks, personal life surely rocks.

Must have been 3 weeks or so, since I went to Besant Nagar with my colleague. And beaches have this tendency of driving me philosophical. Seems to be the same for many others also. Myself and Lokesh, spent a couple of fast hours trying to assimilate so many things which we haven't clearly understood.

I do believe that every thing in one's life happens for a reason. But then I failed to understand why things should happen in the first place. Why earth, why moon, why water and land, why the plants and the birds, why you and me? Is there someone operating all of us? If so what's his intentions? What's his motive behind doing all this? 'Cos comparing the eternity of earth and the ethereality of life, men seemed trivial, just time based variables who could do no more than live, multiply and die. Why should men be born, grow, study, work, struggle and run through the mills of life only to be dead one day.

This is in short, what we debated and of course 2 posts below this one, came up somewhere in between. By this time, you must be wondering what the title of the post has to do with what you have read here. This is exactly what the play "Evam Indrajit" by Madras Players and Evam is all about.

Somebody has made this play for me. Saw myself in the person who raised the same questions that were running through my mind. May be there are so many like me, not knowing their purpose on earth. The beauty of the play was that it did not attempt to answer the questions, which frankly no human can, but showed how one has to handle them.

Bottom line of the play is that "Things keep happening, there is no destination to life, only the path exists. Have faith on it and make your journey"

Once again my strong belief that everything happens for a reason is substantiated. Otherwise why should a guy sleeping after a sumptuous midday meal, wake up all of a sudden, decide against swimming and land in a theatre for the first time. Beats logic. Isn't it?

My personal feeling about the play is that it was a bit too lengthy. Or maybe the playwright wanted to drill the question well into the heads that had no time or intellect to think about all this. In the end, I have my own reasons to be satisfied about "Evam Indrajit".

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Enchanted me!!!

Currently playing in my PC and on my lips....from Panneer Pushpangal

poonthalir aada a..a..a
ponmalar sooda a..a..a

poonthalir aada
ponmalar sooda
sindhum pani vaadai kaatril
konjum iru kadhal nenjam
paadum pudhu raagangal
ini naalum suba kaalangal

poonthalir aada a..a..a
ponmalar sooda a..a..a

kaadhalai yetrum kaalayin kaatrum
neerai thottu paadum paattum kadhil pattadhe
vaaliba naaLil vasanai poovin
vaadai pattu vaadum nenjil ennam suttadhe
kodigal aasai koodiya podhu
koodum nenjile... kolam ittadhe...
thediduthe peN kaatrin raagam...

poonthalir aada a..a..a
ponmalar sooda a..a..a

poomalar thoovum poomaram yaavum
bodhai kondu bhoomi thannai poojai seiyyudhe
poo viralalum ponn idhazhalum
poovai ennam kadhal ennum inbam solludhe
poomazhai thoovum punniya megam
ponnai alludhe ennam minjudhe
Engidudhe en aasai ennam...

poonthalir aada a..a..a
ponmalar sooda a..a..a
sindhum pani vaadai kaatril
konjum iru kadhal nenjam
paadum pudhu raagangal
ini naalum suba kaalangal

paadum pudhu raagangal
ini naalum suba kaalangal

....Appppppaaaaa...enchanting music from Raja

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Which one?

Read through the small story and tell me what you would do.

There are 2 sets of railway tracks passing through a residential area. One of the 2 tracks was not at all used by any train, while the other was used frequently.

Children of the locality play on the tracks and the lineman had warned them several times not to play on the frequently used track.

A few days passed and one day a superfast train had to cross that place. The lineman who had to change tracks for the train found that some children were still playing in the frequently used track, and there was a kid sitting in the unused track. Now he has to immediately select a track. He has no time to warn the children or to stop the train.

Which track should the lineman select?

If he selects the frequently used track, he will end up killing many children. At the same time, if he selects the unused one he will kill the child which had listened to him. What would be righteous decision on his part?

P.S: This story came up when my colleague, Lokesh and I were discussing as to why some people suffer for no mistake of theirs and we could not find a convincing answer.

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